Retired army official’s heroics bring him agonising misery


The social media has been flooded with SOS calls for the release of 14-year-old Madina Anwar, who is in the custody of abductors since May 17, 2011.
Social and human rights activists from all over the world are constantly appealing to the country’s leadership to help the poor family, but neither the president or prime minister nor any other senior government official has so far offered the poor family any support, Pakistan Today learnt on Tuesday.
Talking to Pakistan Today, father of Manida Anwar, Shamsul Anwar, revealed that he did not receive a single phone call from government high ups. However, a large number of people from all over the country approached him for financial support. He said he was running from pillar to post to save his daughter, but neither the government nor the police were helping him. Being an employee of the Pakistan Army, Anwar said he served Pakistan for over 17 years, but in these trying times he did not see any hope from anywhere.
He pointed out that the captors had demanded a ransom of Rs 1.8 million for the return of his daughter before January 12. To a question, he said he did not receive a single sympathy call from any serving military official. Anwar disclosed that a retired colonel, who was his unit in charge, contacted him over phone and assured him full support. He added that noted human rights activist Ansar Burney, who was leaving for Dubai, also contacted him on phone and assured help.
Meanwhile, social media users are raising numerous questions that raise questions about the government’s tall claims of good governance.
Twitter’s never ending timeline shows: “The police wouldn’t help Shamsul Anwar. Why would they? Aren’t they all involved? #unfairworld #JusticeForShamsulAnwar #truestory,” “NRO, verdict, Supreme Court, Chief Justice, bla bla bla…. everything looks so small. Bigger challenge is… #JusticeForShamsulAnwar,” “Had Shamsul Anwar been a high rank officer in the #army, would things be different for him? #unfairworld #PakArmy #JusticeForShamsulAnwar,” “Can’t stop thinking about Madina Anwer. She is a year older to my own daughter. Come home soon darling your pa waits #JusticeForShamsulAnwar,” “I read the whole story and I am willing to donate $1000 #JusticeForShamsulAnwar,” “@AnsarBurney thank u sir as always u stepped in on time hope #JusticeForShamsulAnwar is achieved & his daughter is home ASAP stay blessed,” “@marvisirmed: Good progress #JusticeForShamsulAnwar. Political, military authorities on board. V r now waiting 4 abductors’ call @AnsarBurney,” “7- Influential anchors, I beg you to kindly kindly kindly reach out to authorities on your own. Put pressure, Please #JusticeForShamsulAnwar,” and it goes on and on.
What is Madina Anwar’s fault?
Madina Anwar’s only fault is that she is a daughter of a retired military lance naik, Shamsul Anwar, who saved the lives of hundreds of worshippers by risking his own life.
It was January 1, 2001, when Anwar encountered some terrorists at Jamia Mosque of Dhoke Gujran at Misrial Road, Rawalpindi. He helped the law enforcement agencies to arrest one terrorist red handed when he (terrorist) was planting some explosives in the basement of the mosque, while the Imam was delivering his sermon.
In the bid to save the worshipers, he sustained three bullet fires in his left leg and remained in hospital for over a year.
His courage helped the law enforcement agencies to arrest as many as 17 terrorist of the outfit on the information provided by the nabbed terrorist.
Though his bravery saved the lives of hundreds of worshippers, his courage proved lethal for his own family, as the terrorists warned him of “teaching him a lesson”, and they did.
During his treatment in hospital, he and his family were given complete security, but it was withdrawn after a year.
The unfortunate spell of the family started when after five years of the episode, same terrorist outfit kidnapped his two sons – Mohammad Yaseen, 16, a student of 10th class, and Faizullah, 14, a 9th class student of Noor School in Dhoke Gujran – on May 15, 2006 from their school in broad daylight.
He immediately contacted the local police, but when it refused to register the case he contacted his parent department, the army. Unfortunately, he did not receive a prompt response.
Meanwhile, the terrorists contacted him on phone in November 2006 and demanded Rs 1.4 million as ransom for the release of his sons. He once again contacted the military, who took prompt action and involved the political agent to take action against terrorist group. But political agent suggested he pay the ransom so that they could arrest captors red-handed after the safe release of his sons. He thought the suggestion was apt, but could not go with it as it could cost him his sons’ life.
However, the terrorist were observing all activities and resultantly, Anwar had to collect the body of his eldest son – 16-year-old Mohammad Yaseen Anwar – in a gunny bag. The terrorist brutally slaughtered the young boy, in the presence of his younger brother.
Anwar’s miseries did not end there.
After disposing all his saving, he managed to get his younger son – 14-year-old Faizullah – released after paying the Rs 1.4 million ransom.
But when Faizullah returned, he fell seriously ill and doctors diagnosed that he was suffering from blood cancer because the captors had injected intoxicating medicines into his body during detention.
Then, it was the turn of the unfortunate daughter Madina Anwar, who was kidnapped on May 17, 2011 from her school at Misrial Road, Rawalpindi and shifted to Kurram Agency.
Again, police kept on with its traditional attitude and showed him the door.
The young girl is still in the custody of the captors, who gave a deadline of January 12 to his father for the payment of Rs 1.8 million as ransom. His father awaits a miracle; otherwise, God forbid, he may have to collect another gunny bag.



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    • Is the Imran Adnan who says the episode was a drama the same Imran Adnan who wrote the article above? I have been doing a google search on this matter. I notice that only 17-year-old Ghalib Khalil's blog says it turned out to be a drama. No clarification on The News or other news media? Can you explain what is your source of information?

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