No electricity for 17 days!


The residents of a private housing society, Tayaba Gardens, have been without electricity for the last 17 days due to the negligence of the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) and the society administration, Pakistan Today learnt on Tuesday.
The Tayaba Gardens residents said that the LESCO had disconnected the electricity connection of the society and they were living without power for the last 17 days. They claimed that the concerned authorities in the society administration were miserly, making them live in the Stone Age with no power. They alleged that the Tayaba Gardens administration had sold them plots by saying that the development works had been completed and all the utilities were installed.
However, the electricity connection to the society has been disconnected by the LESCO over the pretext that the society does not have a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ferozewala Town Municipal Authority (TMA) for installing electricity connections.
“If it is a fault of the society and LESCO, then why are the residents being punished for it,” questioned Raza Kharal, a resident of the society. “Earlier, some officials of the LESCO Ferozewala sub-division, with help of the society administration, installed illegal connections and cheated the buyers, saying there was electricity connection,” Kharal said. After some months, the LESCO administration disconnected the power of the society, saying that the electricity connections were illegal, he added.
Another resident of the society, Hussain Afzal, questioned why the Ferozewala TMA had allowed the society administration to advertise in the newspaper if it does not have an NOC. “It was criminal negligence of the TMA and LESCO to allow the Tayaba Garden administration to cheat on people,” he said.
LESCO Ferozewala XEN Muhammad Mohsin said that he was aware of the matter and that LESCO was working on the issue. However, he did not tell when the electricity would be restored or the matter be solved.