Corrupt elements would be swept away in PTI’s tsunami: Hashmi


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari were dictators of their respective parties and they did not tolerate any criticism against them.
He said this in telephonic talks with PTI Nankana Sahib President Sajjad Haider Randhawa on Wednesday.
“This is a fact that PPP and PML-N have run the constitution and the system on their whims and they having been taking turns of power sharing by befooling the people”, he held.
He went on to say that PTI would prove to be a sharp sword to teach a lesson to anti-state elements involved in plundering national exchequer and eroding the foundation of the country.
PTI, under the leadership of Imran Khan, would play a successful innings, making the country an Asian Tiger, he said, adding that the corrupt elements would be swept away in PTI’s tsunami.


  1. Hashmi is no authority to say this as he is a part,past & parcel of the corrupt system,,now he want to gain sympathies of the simple common people to enjoy the leadership again… There are much better intellectual,honest,,patriotic,,hardworking people to replace these old lords,, but to select/elect them is the question,,how?,who,? To elect.. We cant believe these manipulators faces anymore…

    • It would have seemed much honest comment if you had highlighted personal corruption of Mr. Hashmi. are we doomed to not to accept honest people if they do not belong to political party we support.

    • If you think that Hashmi is not fit for politics then you should come forward, I will support you (if you think yourself an intellectual, honest, patriotic, hardworking)

  2. At least we have some gallant people like Hashmi who can stand up to these mafia and tell them that they are not the kings any more they have to listen to the people….and thats why Nawaz dictatorial attitude is changing day by day because of the people like IK nad hashmi….who already revolutionized the paki politics….!!! Bravo to PTI for making these political mafias that they are not above law..!!!!

  3. PTI could not show any progress in 17 years, now by the support of Establishment what it want to prove? They want to prove that the corrupt/traditional/old politicians will change Pakistan? No!!!! Not At All !!!!

    These Politician will change PTI only, from a party talking about Poor and Middle Class to a party ONLY talking about poor and middle Class!

    • Plz dont say anthing about Hashmi sb my dear sakht se sakht dushman bi ink khilaaf baat krne se pehle lakh baar sochte hyn.plz my friend no bad coment about Hashmi sb

  4. Long time ago I heard a punjabi sage saying: " Niana gul karey tay siana qias karey"
    (When a child talks, the adult is astonished to think). The statements of PM and President are like kids and one is obliged to remark that they are behaving as kids: It is very disgusting reflection of National Leadership's Intellectual Level- Absolutely Childish.

  5. Mr.Hashmi is precisely an Icon of democracy. I totally agree with him that Nawaz Shareef always pretended to be anti-dictatorship but he is a worst than a dictator. He is not only a dictator of a political party but also He has also appointed almost 15 relatives on the major seats of PML(N), just to maintain a grip of shareef family over the rights of poor people of Pakistan.

  6. I think you can't find a leader like hashmi in Pakistan yes he was ?but act like a true leader in his past hashmi u r great

  7. Mr.Hashmi is precisely an Icon of democracy.He rightly said that Nawaz Shareef always pretended to be anti-dictator but he is worst than a dictator. He is not only a dictator of a political party rather He has also appointed almost 15 of his relatives on the major seats of PML(N), just to maintain a grip of shareef family over the rights of poor people of Pakistan.
    Pakistani nation needs a change now and we cannot give another chance to those who has already been tested and resulted in the destruction of Pakistan.

  8. The current political situation reminds me the time of seventeenth century England when
    English King (divine rights ) refused to listen the parliament. Cromwell declared Marshall law and hanged the king. Cromwell dismissed the parliament and hand picked his own parliament (short parliament) and declared himself as a ruler. He ruled with iron hand ( used to buy fawners and used to say that every dog has his price like Pakistani Lotas of today). Before his death, he nominated his son as next ruler, who abdicated after 6 months. The Long parliament took charge and one of the important legislation passed was to exhume Cromwell's body and hang his skull and other bones on the Parliament Building for 24 years and second legislation was restoring the Charles's Daughter as Queen. And England never saw any Marshall again. That's why English parliament is called MOTHER OF PARLIAMENTS.

    In Pakistan we have too many CROMWELLS: and also that incident happened about 350 years ago.

    Qisas-e-khoon-tamana mang-e-kis sey,
    Gunha gar hai koan aur khoon Baha kia hai. (Iqbal)

    A large number expatriates are willing to contribute to the development of Pakistani economy and industry but many of them got burst out whenever they invested in Pakistan. They experienced a law of jungle and a lip service and lost their investments. It is strongly hoped that PTI with their popularity will invite individuals who can contribute to get self sufficient it all sectors of its economic growth.

    While the World War II was still being fought in Germany, the Western planners held and Economic Conference to build the economy of the world at Betten Wood, a small town in New Hampshire USA in 1944. World Band and International Monetary Fund are the creation of that conference. PTI should also start thinking in those terms. May be it is my wishful thinking. I hope not.

    Thank you Hashmi Sahib

  9. I am not impressed with Imran's PTI after Joining these thieves in the party. what ever or who ever this Hashmi or Qasori or Mahmood Qureshi, They don't care even don't know how many people sleeping hungry in Pakistan. They are all big shot having a luxurious life, their children having a good time, If Imran really wants to promote party should bring fresh faces with the clean past & character.

  10. The presence of Hashmi and the support of Asghar Khan in PTI proves that the establishment is not behind PTI.Most of this establishment gluck is by those parties who were made by the establishment or those “column writers” whose previous predictions about PTI have gone wrong

  11. aik bahadarr aaaadmiiiiiiii
    hashmiiii hashmiiii…….
    we r proud of u sir
    may u liv long….ameeeeen

  12. great person alwas great …Sir i am worried about this have our Party the Party of the Nation .the party of the Change …loving PTI hav started work in the villages of pakistan…….becuse you know most of the villager dont have access to media and there is also lot of villages that dont have any idea and access to newspapers etc they dont know about this change …its my suggestion to my party so do some work in those area to motivate all those….
    we love you Sir

  13. Great Person hashmi sb..we trust you sir and believe that together we will bring change in pakistan..we salute your efforts for Pakistan and trust every word of yours. please always support IK and PTI

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