Not on the same page!


The standoff deepens. The simmering relations between the civil and military establishments seemingly reached the point of no-return on Wednesday with all eyes set on Constitution Avenue to monitor any unusual movement in view of a confrontation between the government and the army, as the General Headquarters (GHQ) sturdily reacted to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s statement wherein he had unambiguously charged Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha with violating the constitution while submitting their responses to the Supreme Court in the memo case.
“Any expectation that the COAS will not state the facts is neither constitutional nor legal. Allegiance to the State and the Constitution is and will always remain prime consideration for the respondent (the COAS), who, in this case, has followed the book,” the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement, unmistakably conveying to the prime minister that the COAS had not violated the constitution and also suggesting that the position of the COAS on the memo issue would remain unchanged. This also removed the ambiguity, if there was any, that the question of national security, understandably in the context of the memo, would be compromised by the army.
The already perilous situation turned even more tense when the prime minister, after the ISPR issued a strongly-worded statement, sacked Defence Secretary Lt General (r) Khalid Naeem Lodhi for also not following the rules of business in the memo case. As the prime minister gave his favourite and trusted bureaucrat Nargis Sethi, instead of a retired general as was the practice since long, the additional charge of defence secretary, it appeared as if the government would remove the two top generals as well by withdrawing the notifications granting them extensions in service as the COAS and the ISI director general.
Another coincidence, which added to the already volatile situation and suggested that it was a matter of hours before ‘the boots’ marched, was the appointment of Brigadier Sarfaraz Ali as commander of the 111 Brigade, which always played a pivotal role in military takeovers. Though it was a routine posting as the present commander of the 111 Brigade had been posted out on his promotion as major general, it was, however, also seen in the context of the developments that took place on Wednesday.

While the situation on the ground remained normal, the in-house consultations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad continued to evaluate the responses and counter-responses with uncertainty gripping the whole country. As the tension between the army and the government continued to increase, the international media closely watched the situation and the diplomatic missions in Islamabad also keenly observed the developments.
With the civil and military leadership seemingly facing off, the political parties also got alarmed and started inter- and intra-party consultations in view of the situation that was being feared would end up in a confrontation between the state institutions, threatening the democratic process in the country at a time when the memo issue was already about to take its toll as the COAS and the ISI DG were not ready to soften their positions and the government also not showing any signs of giving in. The National Assembly will meet today and the prime minister is expected to make a speech on the situation. Similarly, General Kayani has also called a meeting of his Principle Staff Officers (PSOs) at the GHQ today.
The ISPR’s statement did carry a strong message for the government and it appeared to have also been received well with the prime minister and some ministers later in the evening, explaining the government’s position to defuse the situation seeing the mood of the opposition parties and particularly that of the coalition partners, which did not robustly come forward in support of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and its leadership against the army.
The ISPR statement referred to the prime minister’s interview with a Chinese newspaper wherein he had, inter alia, termed the responses given by the COAS and the ISI DG in the memo case to the Supreme Court “unconstitutional and illegal”. “There can be no allegation more serious than what the Honourable Prime Minister has leveled against the COAS and the ISI DG and has unfortunately charged the officers for violation of the Constitution of the Country. This has very serious ramifications with potentially grievous consequences for the country,” the ISPR said.
The ISPR rejected the prime minister’s statement as false, reminding him of a press release issued by his own office after his meeting with the COAS on December 16. The PM House’s statement had said: “The Prime Minister and the Army Chief also agreed that replies forwarded by the COAS and DG ISI were in response to the notice of the Honourable Court, through proper channel and in accordance with the rules of business and should not be misconstrued as a standoff between the Army and the government.”
What made the GHQ react so strongly was that if the government had not agreed to the COAS and the ISI DG filing their responses to the Supreme Court, why had it not objected to this at that time instead of the prime minister making a statement more than three weeks after they had submitted their responses, and that too in an interview with a foreign newspaper, charging the two top generals with violation of the constitution.
The ISPR also categorically stated that the COAS and the ISI DG, in their response to the Supreme Court, were obliged to state facts as known to them on the memo issue. “The issue of jurisdiction and maintainability of the petitions was between the Supreme Court and the Federation,” the ISPR said.
The ISPR referred to the prime minister’s statement, which, it said, did not take into account important facts: i) the COAS and the ISI DG were cited as respondents in the petitions as such and after hearing the parties the Supreme Court served notices directly to the respondents. This was not objected to by the attorney general of Pakistan; ii) the responses by the respondents were sent to the Ministry of Defence for onward submission to the Supreme Court, through the attorney general (Law Ministry); iii) a letter was also dispatched to the attorney general and the Supreme Court informing that the replies had been submitted to the Ministry of Defence; iv) it is emphasised that copies of the statements of the two respondents were not forwarded directly to the Supreme Court; v) responsibility for moving summaries and obtaining approvals of the competent authority thereafter lay with the relevant ministries and not with the respondents.


    • Absolutely disgusting. Even if you did not mean it and perhaps trying to be sarcastic, this is not the way to put it across.

      The politicians treat civil servants as if they have bought them as slaves. Those days have long gone and they will have to pay the price.

      • There is a very weak civilian government and the chief executive lacks basic professional courtesy. The rules of business demanded keeping mouth shut before a foreign journalist. Imran did almost the same albeit not as stupidly as the PM before an Indian journalist.

        I have previously said that the gentlemen in politics must not wash their dirty linen outside the confines of their four walls.

        For our generals; I know you are angry and rightly so but there are legal means to seek a remedy. Support the legal process. Patience will inshAllah be rewarded.

        The emblem of political weakness is testified by the fact that the government has not condemned the drone attack which have resumed with their tacit approval or perhaps US testing waters!

    • Let me ask, who are the civilians working for? Aren't they working under foreign dictations? Aren't they calling foreign forces for help against our own forces?

  1. tayyaba, one thing i tell that army is pak army not nato army,,they are equal citizens of pak even more right as they defend country and they cant see country ruined by corrupt inefficient politicians,democracy champions. Yes,army action is illegal but if there is no other power to remove the corrupts and not following supreme court orders,,which is also not to given in normal situation,,now as all the limits are crossed,,no other way to remove them,,this is the cause everytime army takeover and dont give chance to civilian govt,,who are mostly corrupt,,feudals.. There is to be a way to elect honest patriotic political workers not the political masters ruining country & doing nothing for the poor & for the citizens & the country as a whole..these politicians are Qabza Groups in one way or other,,just exploiters,, have you any sympathy with the the poor & patriotism for this ruining country. I feel much as I am seeing it ruined.. If not then we will be having the worst or good but taliban followers as they will be mostly poor unpreviliged groups.. Do we want to live without all the amenities gifted by Allah to our country but not being utilized due to these incapable foolish selfish greedy leaders.. Armies job to defend country from enemy,,whereever they are,,whoever they are.. Internally or externally..but within the constutional or Islamic limits as Islam is supreme even to the constituion as this constitution is made by men,,& who are those mostly the elite class..& they use miss use it…who is there to ask,,by amending as they like…same the army do..which is also illegal but now see the game in eygpt still army playing with the democratic people..then external politics is involved.. If US want to bring any corrupt you & me cant stop him like zardari..yes to to the poor…I may be wrong but I wish an honest civilian leadership who really workhard for the country,,just for the countrys sake,,from where we bring those in this overall faulty system.. But I never accept any corrupt governing us.. Cant we live peacefully,,progressively,, & prosperity like other developed nations???

      • Wrong….who is responsibe for the current mess, the policy of non state actors in Kashmir, Afghanistan..that are now blowing up Pakistani mosques, bazaars and even army itself. the Army! and why is it that whenever army is in Power, they have good relations with USA, and even India (remember cricket diplomacy by Zia and Musharraf)…but when civilians are in power, they are accused of puppets of USA and India. Army shall remain in barraks, and even not cantonments like DHA. They should stop being Real Estate agents.

  2. How pathetic, an open threat by the army. We should seriously come out on the streets against the overburdening role of our army which interestingly works against its own people. Shame on you Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani, shame on you Pakistan Army.

    • Sorry, Pak army men are sons of soil and are the defenders of this nation. It is the highly pathetic politicians who always bring about such stupid and non sense things which compel army for such actions.
      Remember, nawaz shareef was doing same stupid things when he was ejected out. one thing is sure, we like democracy but we will never allow zardari, gilani and shareefs to play down our national security. Pak Army will certainly not.

    • Your thinking, my friend, is SUPER-PATHETIC! You want to take to the streets against those who are defending you, but not those who have destroyed every other institution in this country! shame on YOU! Ignorant dummy! =S

    • @PakiKaka I don't believe that you are Pakistani nor from Pakistani seed . Army is representative of 180 millions of Pakistanis .

  3. Do we have the Pr-requisites of Democracy….it seems democracy is like a bicycle for a small heightened Kid who cant sit on it but wants to drive it…..Government now wants a Political stunt and is provoking the Army.


    • Yes, we are with Army. I salute to these men who lay down their lives for us whether it is the highest battlefield of Siachen or the plains of chawinda.
      These stupid politicians have always brought this country down. Only Imran is a wise and saner man to be supported as a politician.

  5. What "serious ramifications" people can have then they already have thanks to our Generals' gross misconduct. General Kyani must know it well that Generals ultimately have to bow down to the supremecy of the parliament. There is no way people will tolerate any military adventure in Pakistan.


    • Would you tell me whats the role of parliament in Pakistan? What has done this foolish parliament to implement the decisions of supreme court? Has this bloody parliament asked ever prime minister & prime minister about their greed and misbehave with army and other institutes? This parliament is the possession of govt. and its coalition parties who are all corrupt so how can they stop their fellows for any wrong activity? Is our prime minister is answerable to this parliament? Its on the record that prime minister said to american that keep attacking Pakistan with drones, we'll make protest in parliament but won't respond. So has parliament ever asked him about that when its already on the record? Now what Zardari has said "its the decision of our party not to obey the decision of court against NRO for writing letter to Swiss banks" So its the matter of party not parliament. When they want any favour for themselves they cry for the supremacy of parliament otherwise to hell with everything.

    • oh, Parliament , you say? um, the group of pansies that sits around, doesnt do **** except letting the common man die at the hands of this US-Sponsored DEMON-CRAZY ? your thinking sir, is off the charts that measure the level of "patheticness"!

  6. now time has come to follow role of law and no one should stand in favour of any Army takeover in the country as the unfortunate country had faced much in this regard.

  7. our army is brave enough to turn down elected government,and sabotage the Civilian Government under well organised conspiracy,but they are failed to depend themselves from NATO ATTACKS,they can not depend themselves how they could depend a country?

  8. You all talk about unfortunate circumstances when the army takes over blah blah, do any of you realise how many bombs are going off in pakistan atm? How much open firing is going on? How an old lady can't even walk to the shop to get anything without fear of being mugged simply due to wearing a single gold bangle? Do any of you realise seriously how much politicians have stolen from Pakistan ( WAY MORE THAN THE ARMY), do you not see how much further Pakistan has been pushed into debt with this civilian govt? Are many of you blind to reality??
    Your eyes are closed, The country needs martial law, and it is needs it NOW, so that it can first stabilise. The people should be with the army, not the corrupt politicians, because the army is made from the people. Musharaff had control LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE OF PAKISTAN THEN AND NOW. BIG MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. He atleast had some hold, heck, during Musharaff Pakistan had the 3rd fastest growing economy at one stage in the asian sub-continent and we were running like for like in currency with India. Only when you "CIVILIAN GOVT PUPPETS" decided to create havoc and get greedy did Pakistan go from standing to on its knees.
    Civilian govt is a good thing, ofcourse it is, but it is not a good thing when the civilian govt isn't really a civilian goverment. It's a line your own pockets govt. Muharaff was in power when US invasion occured in Afghanistan. It is FACT that during his years there was less havoc in pakistan, civilian govt has protected NO ONE.
    You say the army should never take over, explain to me which idiot is going to invest in pakistan when the country is unstable as it is now, unless you have a loyalty (bloodline) to pakistan and too much money, you won't invest in pakistan, there are better places?????
    Why would anyone in their right mind invest in Pakistan when the country is falling to pieces, by supporting the current govt you are doing nothing more than preventing Pakistan from growth.
    Allah helps no one, until they help themselves. It's about time Pakistanis took back their country.


  10. Every one has the right to give his point of view but one thing we all should keep in mind that ARMY is not a sacred cow .now the time has come to determine the true and pure roll of army in the country.I am unable to understand this logic that if the political government is not working properly then only and lonely alternative is martial law.Actually our army is not an army but it is an east India company. just think about it and then comment.thanks

  11. Pakistan was never destined to be ruled by the politicians. The Country has always flourished under Military Rule, except for under General Zia. Zia was a corrupt individual who died better than he should have. The only true patriots of Pakistan are the Army with nothing but self interest being shown by our "great" politicians. This Country needs a Coup as of yesterday with Zardari, Gilani & party to be put on trial for crimes against the Pakistan State.

      • they are fighting day and night, laying down their lives while listening to your bickering. What else do you want them to do, eh , faggot? Army is a tool to deploy political motives. What do you deploy when there is no free will in the political environment? sold out dirty rats in the government, ALWAYS!


  12. There is a very weak civilian government and the chief executive lacks basic professional courtesy. The rules of business demanded keeping mouth shut before a foreign journalist. Imran did almost the same albeit not as stupidly as the PM before an Indian journalist.

    I have previously said that the gentlemen in politics must not wash their dirty linen outside the confines of their four walls.

    For our generals; I know you are angry and rightly so but there are legal means to seek a remedy. Support the legal process. Patience will inshAllah be rewarded.

    The emblem of political weakness is testified by the fact that the government has not condemned the drone attack which have resumed with their tacit approval or perhaps US testing waters!

    UK 11 January 2012

  13. Who can support the destruyers of Country's economy by corruption and mismanagement….the only illetrate and blind people will endorse the existing political leaders (SO CALLED)…they are looters and robbers who have Billions in their accounts and have nothing to return to nation but the promises….O MY NATION COME OUT OF DREAMS NOW..!!!

    ARMY is nations servant and saviour; we are always proud of them for being our lifeline against internal and external threats…..GOD BLESS MY PAKISTAN AND PAK ARMY (Ameen!)…

  14. How dare these khakis paid by our tax money dare to talk like this to our elected government? They must be sacked right away and tried under Article 6.

    • Your lovely government should be tried for murder of thousand of Pakistanis. Dirty blabbering sold-out rat!

  15. Ali.i agree wd u.what would u say about about general yahya khan?to my opinion he was totaly a piece of shit.he was politicaly blind.he used to say “let it go on” as a reply of every thing.he always used to remain drunk.and stayed with his love lady “general rani”.at least these army generals are better than him.

  16. political chaos and the blame game has begun, and for all those bees humming no army takeover, relax , there wont be. Lets see these corrupt politicians die their own deaths. let the masses come on the streets and kick some a—.Oh and by the way, if it does decide to take over, be assured, no one has the will nor the courage(Moral nor physical) to stop them.

  17. What a country and its democracy where open threats are pouring in from those who are suppose to be nothing more than the defenders of our borders. I think that PM should immediately sack both these jawans and make his name in the history of our democracy if we really need democracy.

  18. Who the hell are these generals to tell the elected representatives of the people what to do? The only thing these good-for-nothing generals are good at is losing to India and conquering their own country. Shame on them.

  19. Generals and the Chief Executive are definitely not on the same page, Imagine ISPR warning the PM of 'ramifications'. It can only happen in Pakistan and there is no dearth of people like one commentator above known as Mohammed Javaid and others who consider army as a sacred cow.

    Vast chunks of the budget is spent on the military so that they defend the country but not to rule the country.

    There will definitely serious ramifications if the General takes upon himself and emabark on yet another adventurism as it was done by his predecessors.

  20. every muslim is obliged to obey the Commandments of Allah subhanahu wa t'aala and the Authentic Ahadeeth of Rasulullah sallAllahu t'aala alaihe wa sallam wether one is individual prime minister or cheif of armed forces alike.pakistan was made only for practising the laws of the Creator (Allah) according to the authentic Sunnah of Rasulullah sallqjji t'aala alaihe wa sallam not for so called democrazy or any ther rule.these so called policians (rahnumas) and the armed forces should be answerable to Allah on the day of recompance for their failure to establish the Shariah law based on Qur'aan and Authentic Sunnah only. And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers – of a lesser degree). 5:45. And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed (then) such (people) are the Fasiqun (the rebellious i.e. disobedient (of a lesser degree) to Allah. 5:47. And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are the Kafirun (i.e. disbelievers – of a lesser degree as they do not act on Allah's Laws). 5:44

  21. only reason gilani and kayani have not killed each other already is that they know US is watching…!!!!!!!!!!! what a civilized nation…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Is mulk ki buzdil zaalim fauj ney to is mulk ko hi tarJ kia, dushman sey dar kar bhaag gai, apnun pay hi raaj kia

    • yeah, your dad has been protecting you all these years then, eh?

      before you blabber about recent events (OBL operation, NATO attack), let me remind you, you silly rat, that the supreme commander of the armed forces was your beloved ZARDARI before the NATO attack. so stfu, and learn some facts!


  23. Kayani & Pasha would be better advised to honour their oaths not to take part in politics. Do we have any doubt that every General violates this oath? They have no interest in Pakistan. Their only interest is to get more & more plots both residential & commercial by framing rules which suit them. Their job is to defend boundaries of Pakistan which they have miserably failed to do. If our nation did not have to spend all the money in the name of defence, we would have been a prosperous nation by now. But, alas!!!

  24. Yes, our current government is judged to be extremely incompetent and exceedingly corrupt but the alternative is no better. In the past we had Fateh-Kashmir (Ayub), Fateh-Dacca (Yahya), Fateh-Kabul (Zia) and Fateh-Kargil (Musharraf). All were unmitigated failures in the military sphere. If these men could not properly do the job they were appointed to do as military chiefs, why should be entrust the country to their bombastic successors. Let the 180 millions Pakistanis decide their fate in the next elections….

  25. There is no democracy there are families and mafia rule.We dont need such democracy.This is not the rule of the people.

  26. PPP government has badly failed in solving internal problems of the country and they can anticipate their political failure in future election, the way they got credit from the death of Benaizer Bhuttoo in last election, now they are deliberately provoking Military and ISI to get political benefits as a political tactic, especially proving them innocent in front of countries like USA, UK, and other external community and at the same time they want to hide their failure and memo scandal once military gets involved. After the death of great leader Benaizer Bhutto, PPP leaders do not possess leadership skills to maintain their supremacy. They should know the people of Pakistan love their military and such statements by Prime Minister will further result in unpopularity of PPP among the people and show that leaders of PPP are incompetent in highlighting image of country, instead working for their personal agendas. Mr. Pervaiz Kiyani is professional in his field and at this point, we hope chief of Army Staff should decide rationally and try to solve the problem through political ways. The best way could be the accountability of PPP mistakes through judiciary sector and public sector.

  27. Army shall stop meddling in Politics…and Judiciary too…politicians can deliver if they don't meddle…18 th amendent, NFC award and women bills are some examples..if Army let the politicians normalise relation with India and Pakistan…we can progress instead of spending money on cantonments

  28. Army shall perform the duty, it is meant for. Only and only continuation of democracy is the key to a success for Pakistan. Corrupt politicians are at the brink of collapse. Let us be patient for few more months only. Election will filter all the dirt and dust. Media shall teach the voters how to get rid of corrupts in next election. Army shall not concentrate on conquering Islamabad for the fifth time. Enough is enough. If there is an independent source which can analyse the corruption of a civil and military rulers, army generals will definitely beat the political leaders. Please see latest revelation of accounts which our dear General Musharaf keeps. He is not alone whole lot is same.

  29. As nuch as I would love to see the back of Zardari and his cohorts, the fact remains that the media hypes things up and then leaves us feeling ill used when nothing happens.

    The government has no sincere intention of obeying the SC and the Army has no green light from Uncle Sam to send the civilians packing.

    General Kayani is not going to stage a coup.

  30. Ruled by the Sindhis and they talk about Punjabis. @ Shabbir Jatoi, get out of your fixation. What effing democracy you are talking about? If this democracy then we don’t need it. In addition PPP is not the only one choice, there are others too, but in your mind I am sure democracy is PPP’s and theirs alone.

  31. There is a very weak civilian government and the chief executive lacks basic professional courtesy. The rules of business demanded keeping mouth shut before a foreign journalist. Imran did almost the same albeit not as stupidly as the PM before an Indian journalist.

    I have previously said that the gentlemen in politics must not wash their dirty linen outside the confines of their four walls.

    For our generals; I know you are angry and rightly so but there are legal means to seek a remedy. Support the legal process. Patience will inshAllah be rewarded.

    The emblem of political weakness is testified by the fact that the government has not condemned the drone attack which have resumed with their tacit approval or perhaps US testing waters!….


  33. I believe the army should support the legal process, and oust this sold out government by pursuing the memo-case. Martial law will not solve anything at all!

    For those who support this NRO-washed government : Have some shame and think about those Pakistanis who died because of the incompetence of these fools. Open your damn eyes, idiots! :S

  34. salam general sahab mujhe bohat dukh hota hai aj hum azadi ke bawajood bi poori dunia se peche hain khuda ke lie ap log kuch karain kyounke ap logoun ke pas power hai or mai pakistani awam se appeal karta hoon ap log jago.

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