No Saudi mediation for Musharraf: Malik


Ruling out mediation from the Saudi government on the expected arrival of former dictator Pervez Musharraf to Pakistan, Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday said the law of the land will take its course once Musharraf returns.
Addressing media after meeting of National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior at NADRA Headquarters, Malik said he had received no official information on Musharraf’s arrival or which city he will land in. Malik ruled out Saudi mediation, stating “Saudi Arabia has made no request on the matter.” Malik said, “The government will issue a Pakistani visa to US businessman Mansoor Ejaz whenever he wants and he will be provided security under the directions of the Judicial Commission.” He said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Nawaz Sharif knew Mansoor Ejaz better and if he wanted to take Mansoor to Raiwind as his guest, security will be provided.
Asked about interior ministry officials involved in corruption, Malik said the accused officials had been arrested and challaned. He said NADRA had been told to check computerized arm licenses issued by Ministry of Interior. He asked arms license holders to get re-register their arm licenses.
Earlier, Malik briefed the Standing Committee that the issuing of arms licenses had been devolved to provinces after the 18th amendment and the Interior Ministry had issued no arms license after June 30 2011. However, he said a revised Arms License Policy had been formulated and submitted to the Prime Minister for approval. He said 2,400 licenses were pending due to incomplete documents. He said orders had been issued to NADRA to issue Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) to children (whose parentage is not identified), who had been registered with registered Orphanages.