Fazl writes recommendations to Nawaz


The chief of his own faction of JUI, Maulana Fazlur Rehman has stressed holding of early elections, formulation of independent Election Commission, tackling fake electoral registrations and an acceptable (impartial) caretaker government.
In a letter written to Nawaz Sharif, the JUI chief drew attention of Nawaz Sharif towards the growing demand of the masses.
The JUI chief also drew the attention of Nawaz Sharif towards the increasing chasms between government and various institutions, which had created quite a critical situation.
“The entire country’s progress and development was suffering, and all institutions were in a state of utter confusion and disorder. Factors like Gas, energy shortages, lawlessness, inflation, unemployment have literally played havoc with masses”, he added.
In the letter copy obtained by Online, three pertinent points have been deliberated upon. The points include computerised scrutiny of voters’ list by NADRA to determine the exact month for elections, formulation of an independent, neutral Election Commission in consensus with political parties, and a caretaker government acceptable to all and sundry.