Your hakeem could be killing you


Ingredients used in ‘kushta’ , prepared by quacks and so-called Hakims for certain purposes can damage kidney and may cause renal failure. Former Shaikh Zayed Hospital chairman and head of National Institute of Kidney Diseases Prof Dr Tahir Shafi told APP on Sunday that 40 to 50 percent people suffering from diabetics and 25 to 30 percent suffering from hypertension who use kushta fall prey to kidney diseases. He said heavy metals are used in the preparation of kushta by so-called Hakims and quacks which he added had nothing to do with any sort of herbal treatment and does not serve the purpose for which the people use it. He said metals used in Kushta are neither beneficial to health nor are they digested and remain in the kidney and may cause infection and death. He said all sort of kidney diseases are curable if diagnosed in time and proper treatment is continued. Shafi advised people to not to use kushta and to seek proper medical treatment.