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Kayani and Pasha’s replies in memo case illegal: Gilani

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani told Chinese newspaper People’s Daily Online in an interview on Monday that any official action by a government functionary without the prior approval of the government would be unconstitutional and illegal. Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha’s depositions in the Supreme Court in the memogate case were therefore illegal, said Gilani, because they did not contain the approval of the competent authority.
He said acquisition of permission from the authority concerned was mandatory for them in order to file replies to the apex court, adding that a reaction from any government institution without the sanction of the government was unconstitutional and unlawful. Gilani said neither the Defence Ministry nor the defence minister was approached by the two regarding their rejoinders in the memo case, and that they had to seek permission from the ministry before filing the replies. The prime minister stated that in two simultaneous issues, one relating to the NATO attack on Pakistani checkposts and the other relating to the memo controversy, the civil and military leadership of Pakistan held detailed meetings and took immediate decisions in the Defence Committee of the Cabinet. In case of the NATO attack, the prime minister said, it was decided that the matter should be referred to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security. In the second case, it was also decided that the matter should be referred to the committee, besides accepting the resignation of Husain Haqqani, he added.

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  1. A Reader said:

    Suffice it to say that Mr Gillani you are living in a cloud cuckoo land.

    • Anon said:

      Your understanding of "Parliamentary Democracy" is thoroughly cuckooed…

  2. Dr M.M.Khan said:

    Mr. Gilani,
    Ypu were elected to govern and not to be governed! Your decisions are reactive.Did it take you so long to realise that the buck stops at your door. It is a sad day for Pakistan!

  3. rana imran advocate said:

    Na bijli na pani na gas na petrol na sugar na flour and no rule of law in our country unemployment and prices increasing day by day worst condition of deptts.like Railway'PIA'Pak steel mill'NICL etc ager isi ko democracy kehtay hn to nafrt h mje esi democracy se……………………………real problmz ki trf koi ni ata awam ki attention divert krne p lge hoe hn sb.PPP walo ye apko last tha govt.me anay ka……………kaha ja rha h 5 month tk gas problm solve ho jae gi o bhai 5 month tk to wese e weather chnging k sath sath gas suply b better ho jae gi apka ka kamal h isme???????

  4. amjad said:

    This country can only survive if parliament is supreme, rule of law must prevail military rule.

  5. Observer from the UK said:

    For the first time since this supine PPP government came into power the chief executive (so-called) has gathered guts to say something which is in consonance with the majority of the people except those who are pro establishment and think that the military commanders are sacrosanct and above criticism. The Chief Justice of the apex court, who was himself humiliated by them, should rise above personal acrimony against this PPP government and atleast acknowlege PM's statement to be valid.

    Where on the earth you will find top general running a parallel government. This can only happen in Pakistan.

    • Anon said:

      As luck would have it, in Pakistan anything but elected government…

  6. Shahid Kureshi said:

    No sir, the Army is not going to give up its control over the nuclear assets or accept foreign controls over them. This has been the core issue between successive civil government and the military leading to takeovers. Only this time the cat is out of the bag, thanks to this media and a take over is not required because of the role taken up by the superior judiciary. Pakistan Zindabad.

  7. Observer from the UK said:

    @Shahid Kureshi. Your statement makes no sense. Which civilian government would work against the country. What nuclear assets you are taking?

    @Rana Imran Advocate. I agree with you that the present government has not done what it should have done to improve the conditions but that does not mean that two generals take upon themselves to run a parallel government/ Ridicul0us.

  8. observer from UK said:

    For God sake learn to live without patronage of the establishment which has given nothing but misery to the nation. Look at the different wars. Has the military really won any war? Look at one despot who sent a populous PM to the gallows. Look at the poodle of Bush known as Mush. He played havoc with the institutions. He lost Kargill war. He literally handed over province of Sindhs to MQM thugs. Have you forgotten 12th May carnage?
    Look at present military leadership. They failed to detect US Navy SEALS who were conducting an operation not far from big military base. They could not respond to NATO attack recently. Remember PNS Mehran episode? Now suddenly they have emerged as heroes and are threatening the present government however bad it may be but it has the right to govern as a democratically elected government.

    Ideally these two generals should be sacked to leave a deterrent to other adventurists.

    • Shahid Kureshi said:

      I think this guy is Wajid Shamsul Hassan with an alias.

  9. Shahid Malik said:

    The Prime Minister is absolutely right. Army must be chained and brought under complete control of civilian government. Otherwise, our future is bleak.

    • Shahid Kureshi said:

      Certainly, but a civilian government worth its salt, otherwise you have no future.

  10. faisal said:

    Mr Gillani is trying to throw as much dirt on military as possible to provoke it in to reaction. Lets hope military sense prevails and cheap tricks of Zardari and co fail.

    • Anon said:

      It good if he shows the gut to do that. Pakistan's military should be saved as an institution subordinate to civil government only. If the civilian government needs to be accountable to the population (which it probably does) that should be dealt at a separate level and should be addressed by the Pakistani People.

  11. Arif said:

    Even I refuse to be ruled by such horrible government. The COAS is right. All these politicians are so corrupt and lack morals.

  12. Shahid Kureshi said:

    @ Observer from UK
    What passport are you holding? If you do not have the conviction of owning and displaying your identity, there is no point in debating issues with you. Period.

    • Anon said:

      So don't debate. And you don't set the rule. Just comment and get out…

  13. observer from UK said:

    @Shahid Kureshi.
    Your comments, at best, can be described childish while Shahid Malik speaks sense. Besides what difference does it make who I am. If you can not debate that is your problem. You are under illusion and your views are myopic because you do not think beyond what your convictions are. By the way, Mr Altaf Hussain of MQM is a British national and he is running a party. He should also refrain from pulling his thuggish strings from London.

    • Shahid Kureshi said:

      At my age I take, being childish, as a compliment. Thanks. As far as Altaf is concerned he should be shown the firing squad for all I care. To me you seem to be a BBCD (British Born Confused Desi) because you are divorced from the realities in Pakistan.

  14. A Haque said:

    What a joke this is! The replies of COAS & Head of ISI were filed several days ago in Supreme Court by Gilani Government's own Attorney General. Is Mr, Gilani saying now that his Attorney General is out of control? if this is what he is implying then he should either sack the AG or resign himself for losing control of situation.

    It would be best if Mr. Gilani would dissolve the assemblies and the Government and seek a fresh mandate from the public. Making an even bigger mess will not help them nor the country.

  15. saqibtahir said:

    Bravo Gilani. Kiyani and Pasha must be issued show cause notice and their services must be terminated pending investigation.

  16. observer from UK said:

    Gilani in this instance is quite right about the behaviour of top army generals. Imaran Khan has said recently he will rein in military and Nawaz Sharif has been outspoken against the interference of the generals in the civilian affairs. Both are conspicuously silent in this regard.

    Yes, these generals have taken law into their hands. It is short of coup d'etat. The action must be taken against them.

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