MQM to table new provinces’ bill in next NA session: Sattar


The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) will table a bill for establishment of Seraiki and Hazara provinces in the next National Assembly (NA) session, Overseas Pakistanis Minister Dr Farooq Sattar said on Sunday.
Holding a press conference at the Multan Press Club, he said that 23 districts were mentioned in the draft bill including two districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 21 districts of South Punjab. Sattar said that the MQM had already presented a resolution in the NA and wanted people of the area to recognise it as a historical step for fulfilment of their legitimate demands. The minister said, “The federal government is sincerely making efforts for a Seraiki province. Local intellectuals and media have done a good job in shaping up public opinion but they need to further intensify efforts for their rights.” He said that people of the area believed that a separate province and acknowledgement of their identity could help protect their rights, adding that people of the region were near their destination.
Sattar said that MQM chief Altaf Hussain had honoured his promise during his telephonic address at the public meeting on December 23, 2011 to support the creation of a Seraiki province. He expressed concern over Balochistan’s issues and underlined urgent steps to address problems of the people. The minister also appreciated the stance of the PPP-led government on the Seraiki province. Sattar said that no one could separate the MQM and people of the region, adding, “We will continue to fight for rights of the local people.” He said that those who were opposing the creation of the province would turn out to be losers in the end. Sattar warned of a 1971-like situation if new provinces were not made. The minister demanded a referendum in all districts of Punjab to decide about their inclusion in South Punjab. He said that the 20th Amendment would bring a revolutionary change in the history of the country.


  1. How stupid are the leaders of MQM and PPP that they want to give the rights to the Sarayky people as well as to Hazareas, but not to their own next door commmunity in Rural Sind which is most deprived of , illitrate and uneducated, no human rights, no health and eduction. Why don't they talk about those innocent people who are looking towards the sky and say O Allah send some one for our help. These two team are the biggest Munafiqeen .

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