Clerics’ help sought for anti-polio drive


The Ministry of Religious Affairs has sought support of Ulema and religious scholars in removing misconceptions regarding negative impacts of polio vaccine on human health and making the drive more effective.
Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah chaired a meeting attended by prominent religious scholars, which decided to engage Ulema in the countrywide polio vaccination campaign being launched from January 20. The meeting was also attended by officials of the ministry, Polio Cell of Prime Minister Secretariat, World Health Organisation and United Nations Children’s Fund.The meeting highlighted the important role of Ulema in creating awareness among masses that there is no negative impact of immunization on health. They can also apprise the public that there is no harm to take precautionary measures for preventing children from diseases in future. There is a misperception, especially in areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas, that polio drops affect the productive health of children. Khursheed Shah informed the meeting about adverse effects of this life-long disabling disease and briefed the participants on some facts related to polio in context of Pakistan. “Pakistan is facing fear of becoming the last country in the world to be polio free. There is a serious risk of increasing polio cases in Pakistan and, therefore, efforts to eradicate polio from the country must be given top priority,” he remarked. He emphasised that clerics should come forward and play their role in mobilizing the society for eradication of polio and ensuring administration of polio drops by all children across the country. Khursheed Shah appealed the clerics to disseminate the message in mosques during sermons and other gatherings. The Polio Eradication Programme experts presented the global and national situation with some technical aspects for prevention of the disease. “Oral polio vaccine is the only way to achieve the target,” they said.


  1. The story is quite okay, but its look like that the reporter made it under his office roof. We should keep at least 3-4 quotation of the speakers in our reports.

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