Where all go to ‘Sea View’


Though Sindh, just like Balochistan, has beautiful beaches – including the Sandspit Beach (named so because of the huge pits in sand made by endangered green turtles for laying eggs), the Hawkesbay, and the Paradise Point (named so because of the sandstone rock peninsula with a natural arch) – the Clifton beach, or the Seaview Beach, is the most popular picnic spot for the people of Karachi.If it’s Sunday, or a special occasion like Eid or New Year, many families rush to the beach. Anyone visiting Karachi from other cities of the province, or from other provinces, always prefer to visit the Seaview Beach.In the previous century, the beach was so clean that it was declared a health resort, but increasing pollution and pouring of highly-toxic, raw, industrial waste has ruined the beauty of this wonderful site. An oil spill in 2003 from a damaged ship called the Tasman Spirit – the recent history’s biggest disaster – has completely destroyed the popular picnic destination. The indigenous fishermen, who were once able to catch fish from the shores, have to now resort to deep sea fishing. Beachside horse and camel rides, seaside restaurants, and amusement parks attract a large number of local, national and even international tourists.
Photos by Amar Guriro