Remembering Taseer


Is there any limit to our immorality? What could be more audacious than an uncontrolled protest by the religious quarters on The Mall Road in favour of a self-confessed murderer Mumtaz Qadri on the death anniversary of late governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer. The road was blocked today due to protest. It is so shameful that the governor of a province was killed and the killer confessed his crime and yet he has not been punished.

Instead, lawyers rain flowers over him and enchant slogans against Taseer and against arresting Qadri. The judge who passed verdict against Qadri had to flee from Pakistan and the cleric who offered funeral prayers of the governor also fled from the country because of lack of security.

Is this democracy or what our religion teaches us? Killing someone in the name of Islam and then organising rallies and protests for the release of the self-confessed murderer? Or threaten those who speak against the murderer? It seems we are living in an intolerant society where morality has vanished away.