Manpower squandered


In our dear country where our manpower is an asset, the rulers have made sure that millions of man hours of the countrymen are wasted due to poor governance and insensitivity of those who are ‘great’ planners.

For instance, look at hundred of vehicle owners who for want of saving a few hundred for their depleted bread and butter are seen at over 3000 CNG filling station all over the country wasting an average of three hours per vehicle per week or 12 hours per vehicle per month. No one has ever complained or raised this issue at the National Assembly or in the provincial assemblies.

Similarly, one can see this wastage outside the banks for the payment of four utility bills which are intentionally spaced throughout the month making sure that either you or your servants line up for this sacred duty. Then there is no dearth of spending the taxpayers’ money at the sweet will and comfort of the high-ups. They would like the hapless people to tighten up their belts while enjoying the luxuries at the fullest. There are numerous examples which may be quoted.

There are always ways and means by which these rulers make sure that the rules are made to suit their pockets and vested interests. For instance, one such rule was made very recently in which the grade 20 to 22 officers are sanctioned over Rs 65,000 to Rs 95,000 in lieu of their personal staff cars which were totally misused for all type of private jobs; shopping, kids’ pick-up/drop, meeting friends and relatives anywhere and anytime etc. It is believed that the govt will be saving about Rs one billion yearly. But, it is feared that most of the officials will keep using some official pool cars and cars from affiliated organisations.

So eventually, where a poor clerk cannot dream of two square meals, these high bureaucrats have perhaps befooled the nation by getting a huge pay raise in the form of car allowance.

Then there are funds running to billions to feed the poor by the PPP in the form of BISP. A couple of thousands provided to poor families as income support even if it appears to be a good gesture, is more of a wastage of huge sum (probably over 25 billions), which could be more usefully utilised in setting up at least 25 manpower intensive industries thereby ensuring employment of a million poor people, enabling the poor to earn as well as ensuring increase in Pakistan’s productive capacity manifold.