‘Think before you accept any pay orders’


Expressing concern over the increasing fraud cases of bank pay orders, Sindh CPLC chief Ahmed Chinoy has advised the citizens to be careful while accepting pay orders for buying or selling and not accept them without confirmation from the banks. “Recently, several cases were reported to CPLC where innocent citizens were deprived of their hard-earned valuables through fake pay orders,” Chinoy said. The victims of such frauds are mostly citizens who advertised their vehicles through newspapers. According to the complainants, initially the buyer gives them some cash as advance payment and pays the rest of the amount through pay orders while taking away the car. However, when the owner goes to the bank to submit the pay order to his account, he is informed that the pay order is fake.
According to the CPLC complaint cell, in most cases the pay order was given to the dealer on Friday evening.
The CPLC chief reasoned that such cases mostly occur on Friday evening because the dealer will take the pay order to a bank on Monday after the two weekly holidays, and then the bank takes one more day to confirm the pay order. Meanwhile, the criminals get enough time to take the vehicle out of the city.
Chinoy said several gangs are operating in the city, and the CPLC along with law enforcement agencies is working to apprehend the criminals but the citizens need to be careful in dealing in pay orders.