Waiting for WAAR


As I watched the official first trailer of Pakistan’s most anticipated English feature film WAAR, a big ‘wow’ abruptly came out of my mouth. I am excited and looking forward for a motion picture directed by renowned Bilal Lashari and produced by Hunt Lowry and Warner Bros with an estimated budget of $2,000,000. Star cast is causing for supplementary magnetism while the collaboration of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) is adding an ample meaning to the project.

The storyline is said to have been inspired by the war on terror in Pakistan and its effects on the world but with a different interpretation. The trailer has gone viral on the internet and is receiving lot of attention. If the movie is going to be released worldwide, then it would certainly prove as a good budge to handle the shattered image of Pakistan across the globe and can change the mindset of the western public about Pakistan.

If we ignore all the downbeat party lines coming for a ‘Pakistan Army’s film’, picture can be seen in a win-win situation for Pakistan. It can bring in a Pakistani director on the global map and can provide opportunities to work at the Hollywood level that could help our local industry in various ways.

If the film goes triumphant internationally, it will encourage more investment in our film industry and the capital earned is likely to be invested manifold. Pakistani musicians are likely to receive epic fame.

The image of our war-torn country fighting for its survival has been badly tarnished since many years. In the way of fighting a war on terror, we had a considerable number of civilian and military casualties hence these sacrifices need to be acknowledged globally. Not only internationally but even at the national level such movies and documentaries can hopefully boost the civil-military relations.

I believe the ISPR needs to do such projects periodically to clarify the allegations on their end. It is somehow needed to tell the people what actually the Armed Forces are doing for all of us, night and day, 365 days a year.

The first and last Pakistani English movie was “Beyond the Last Mountain” directed marvellously by Mr Javed Jabbar. That was a milestone of Pakistan cinema. Hope this film will be a step ahead than the earlier one and would set a new trend. Good luck WAAR! Hope it has enough value and motivation for heightening our image and integrity!




  1. Its a shame how a big newspaper is publishing articles without any authentic information.. The film Waar is Lashari's project and has not been produced by warner bros. or hunt lowry check their facebook page

  2. This is nice movie and i am waiting for releasing for Waar. I will watch the movie with my friends. God bless ISPR.

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