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Shah Rukh accepts what Katrina Kaif declines

With the wedding season on in full gusto, the stars are in more demand than usual. Katrina and Shah Rukh Khan, who have been holidaying with their families in London and Dubai respectively, were reportedly invited to attend the wedding of Asma Rahman, daughter of Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rahman – owner of a Pakistani Entertainment Channel in Dubai.
And while a source from the wedding revealed that SRK graced the occasion and stole the thunder of the newlyweds, Katrina decided to turn down the invite. “Rahmans wanted Katrina Kaif also to attend the occasion. But they failed to convince her,” added the source. When contacted, Katrina’s friend defended her decision to give the wedding amiss, saying:
“Katrina is in London with her family. She celebrated New Year with them. She didn’t want to just up and leave them to go to Dubai.”

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