PML-N supports creation of new provinces: Nisar


Opposition leader in National Assembly, Chaudhry Nisar, said on Thursday that the PML-N supported creation of new provinces and a commission for carving out new provinces be constituted.
“PML-N is in support of creating new provinces. Bahawalpur, Punjab, Hazara and other provinces can be created but a procedure is laid down in the constitution in this connection. The procedure is this that it can be possible only after respective provincial assemblies adopt such resolutions with two thirds majority”, he said this while talking to media men outside the parliament Thursday.
A particular party MQM was enacting dramas in and outside parliament with reference to creation of new dramas, he said adding the object of this party was not creating provinces but such attempt on the part of this party was aimed at flinging mud on the political rivals. One man was staging such drama while sitting in London, he maintained.
MQM had not even a single councilor in Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa , he said. Creation of new provinces was not a child play, he observed.
If some one wants to talk of new provinces, one should table motion in the house and provincial assembly should approve it with two thirds majority, he said. A commission should be framed with regard to new provinces, he held.
Inside the parliament I asked Prime Minister creation of new provinces would not be issue but the issue would arise how the assets would be distributed, he remarked. How the apportionment of water and distribution of senate seats would be made, he added.
PM gave nothing to the people during four years, he said adding if he goes to poor masses he will come to know what opinion they hold about the rulers.. PM was talking of Seraiki province but people could not be befooled on sensitive issue, he said.
The debate being stirred by the PPP on new provinces was aimed at diverting the attention of people from genuine problems, he alleged. PPP was behind the destruction of the country besides those who were injecting oxygen to this party, he remarked. Zardari and Gillani have created heaps upon heaps of problems for the country, he said.


  1. the new province in Sindh is the voice of the time.the Makran Province must be constitued as the people of Malir,Kemarhi,Garden,Landhi and other parts where Makrani brethern living in uncomfortable conditions should not be exploited any more.

  2. AOA. Dont worry both of you because our leadership already sailing PAKISTAN and they are eating it like a sweet sandwich so very soon if leadership will not change then may be Pakistan ——————–?

  3. There should be referendum in the country to determine the number of provinces to be carved out of our existing provinces.another option is to make each Division as administrative unit & do away with provinces altogether!!!
    This will ensure participation of all the political forces & ethnic groups in the country,making local policies & enriching their lives.Pakistan is to remain as a federal system with smaller units,thus minimising administrative expense of maintaining provincial ministers & their cronies.

  4. Every one wants new provinces. Why not revisit our constitution and create 112 provinces (present districts) along with a presidential system of government, as is being practiced in all successful countries.

  5. This is non sense statement that MQM has no representation in KPK and South Punjab. Pakistan is for all and National Assembly is a forum to discuss National issues. However, Nisar's suggestion for an independent commission for making more provinces is better. In order to intact the Pakistan boundaries it is really necessary to form new administrative provinces each equivalent to 3 divisions.

  6. AOA. Dont worry both of you because our leadership already sailing PAKISTAN and they are eating it like a sweet sandwich so very soon if leadership will not change then may be Pakistan ——————–?

  7. why only Punjab ? i think all provices should be devided into smallar units then it can be accepted and saraiki population of sindh and balochistan must also be included in new saraiki province.

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