My life is in danger, but will return: Musharraf


Former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf has said despite the threat to his life, he would return to the country and fight back.
He was video conferencing with his party workers and businessmen on Wednesday.
Musharraf said he would announce the date of his return to the country at a public rally of his party at Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum on January 8. He said the government had failed to deliver, despite getting the opportunity for a third time.
“If I get political backing, I am willing to work for the country. I am confident that I will get another chance to work,” he said.
Musharraf said he would appeal to the people of all four provinces to vote for his party and give him a chance again, as he could take the country out of crises.


  1. Come on Sir, have a heart. Were nine years of absolute unquestioned power not enough. If I had got such a golden chance, I would have transformed Pakistan into a welfare state, and look what you and Shaukat Aziz have done. There is a limit to being thick skinned. Please forgive us.

  2. dont come in pakistan now we have no money .atleast plz leave us in pakistan for somedays.when pakis. will start progress then come to pakista. to again slip pakistan .towards damage.

  3. Dear General Musharaf Saheb why you are worried,bcoz according to you did not harm the nation.So what are the reasons for worrying.Perhaps you are escaping from us whst the bloody mistakes you have done the partnerships of Chaudhry Groups.Now the people know the nature of them.So if you are innocent come in Pakistan and faces the problems do not restyle yourself like Bai-Taj Badsha sitting in London.

  4. Pakistan gave you 10 years, leaders have strategic vision but seems you are blind.There is an acute energy shortage in pakistan.

  5. My prayers with him. He should come and lead the nation. Allah will help him Insha Allah.

  6. Musharraf is the only ray of hope for honest Pakistanis. the Nora Kushti between current politicians and parties is to continue the plunder in the name of democracy. Our nation is unfortunate that it has always voted for forces of corruption and ignorance. Let us vote for education, and welfare.

  7. i like u sir an miss u very much ur government is very good iwant meet with u sir …..sayed ghulam .mustafa from khair pur mirs sindh…………….

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