From slums, HuT makes its presence felt


Taking advantage of political instability in the country, Hizbut Tahrir (HuT) – a self-proclaimed non-violent, international organisation with an aim to unify all Muslim countries in a single Islamic state or ‘caliphate’ – is quietly spreading its influence in the metropolis, preaching to unite for the establishment of caliphate in Pakistan – the only Muslim nuclear power state.
Caliphate (or khilafat) – the dominion of a caliph (successor) – refers to the first system of governance established in Islam. The head of the state and other officials are representatives of the people and of Islam and must govern according to constitutional and religious laws (Shariah).
Operating undercover most of the time, the pan-Islamic global network has invited, through indirect channels, the ‘sincere’ Pakistan Army officials to join HuT and help in its efforts to turn Pakistan from “Darul Kufr” into “Darul Islam” and fight against the US and India – the “real enemies of Pakistan and Muslims”.
Concentrating its efforts in the slums of Karachi, the HuT is pasting its posters on the walls and electric poles along the roadsides, while its members are regularly visiting mosques in Landhi, Malir, Shah Faisal Colony and Gulistan-e-Jauhar to deliver lectures after the prayers.
After hectic efforts, Pakistan Today was able to arrange a meeting with a group working for the HuT.
When asked about their objectives, the group members said they were working for the establishment of a caliphate system in the country.
“We are inviting the sincere officers of the Pakistan Army to join the HuT against the traitors within their ranks. We are trying to convince them that how can they allow the US to hijack the strongest army of the Muslim world,” they said.
The message to the Pakistan Army officials was: “Can you afford that the US and India, in collaboration with these traitors, ride at your backs? If not then it is the right time to join HuT and help us in establishing caliphate in Pakistan. From the very first day of its establishment, the caliphate would result in enhancement of manpower and resources for you [army] and unite Muslims in one state, which may prove a great nation in terms of both power and resources.”
The group was of the view that then Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf helped the US in occupying Afghanistan by chanting the fake slogan “Sab Sey Pehlay Pakistan”.
“Pakistan gave its sea route, air bases and road links to US for attacking the landlocked country; thereby, damaging the friendly relations between the Muslim states,” they said. “The US then established a strong relationship with our archrivals India, and is now threatening Pakistan of attacking its nuclear assets.”
“Utilising its bases in Afghanistan, the US has attacked Pakistan several times and now they are moving freely within the General Headquarters (GHQ) and others sensitive installations while sharing intelligence,” the group opined.
“After the extension in his service tenure, COAS General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani is busy in delivering what the US wants from Pakistan,” they alleged. “The US along with the COAS plans a strong block against China, the next super power of the world, and India will play the lead role in this mission.”
“In exchange, India along with the US is trying to bury the dispute of occupied Kashmir,” they added.
“The HuT had warned the Pakistan Army that the US and the UK have decided to prefer India over Pakistan and the present government wants to establish a friendly relationship with its archrival and agents of the US and the UK in the government set-up are playing a role in this game,” the group members told Pakistan Today.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, an intelligence agency official confirmed that groups operating for the HuT are becoming increasingly active in the slums of Karachi.
“In 1990, the HuT initiated its activities discreetly in Pakistan but they have come out in the open now,” he said. “HuT activists come out on roads at night and paste the organisation’s stickers along the roads.”
“We are trying to track down the people behind the HuT campaign and will hopefully arrest the mastermind behind this planning in the days to come,” the intelligence officer said.


  1. Hizb is a political party and its ideology is Islam. Politics is its activity and Islam is its ideology, and it works together, among, and with the ummah in order that she takes the re-establishment of Islam in life, state, and society as its vital issue, thereby leading her to establishing the Khilafah and returning to the hukm (rule) of Allah (swt).Hizb was not satisfied only to establish itself in a general form based on the Islamic thoughts, rather after study, discussion and thought relating to the reality of the Ummah and the position she had reached, the reality of the society in Muslim lands, the reality of the lifetime of the Prophet (saw), the lifetime of the guided Khulafah and the lifetime of the Tabi'een (the followers), the method and the manner with which the Prophet (saw)carried his Da’wah after the prophethood came to him until he established the state in Medina, and then studying how he proceeded in Medina. Also by referring to the Book of Allah (swt) and the Sunnah of His Messenger (saw) and to what these two sources directed in terms of other sources such as consensus of the Sahabah (Ijma'a) and Qiyas (analogy); and by enlightening ourselves with the opinions of the Sahabah (companions) and the followers and the opinions of the Mujtahid Imams. After all this, Hizb has adopted detailed thoughts, opinions and rules which are related to the Islamic thought and to the way of implementing it. All these are Islamic ideas and nothing more than that; there is nothing that is non-Islamic, or affected by anything non-Islamic, rather they are only Islamic. They do not depend upon anything except the Usool (sources) of Islam and its texts. The party adopted these thoughts based on the strength of the evidence, and based upon its own Ijtihad and understanding. The party, therefore, considers all of its thoughts and opinions as correct, but with the possibility of being wrong (as all the scholars would say).

  2. “We are trying to track down the people behind the HuT campaign and will hopefully arrest the mastermind behind this planning in the days to come,” the intelligence officer said.
    lol… what's wrong in pasting stickers and leaflets, whoever the organization? if these men are so open that they are coming & talking to media & publicizing themselves, what's the problem dude? Caliphate is what the Arab world is calling today, that's what many scholars call today are they all "master-minds" ?… & what's bad in coming out from the supremacy of UK & USA and unite all Muslims under Islam… that's what every muslim belief and wants and that's what Islam says for us to stand as a superpower in science, technology, military, education and politics by implementing Islam… hahaha… do they intelligence officers not want Islam's supremacy and their global dominance.. or do they want to carry on this slavery?? i am really confused !

  3. I suggest that people read the literature of Hizb ut Tahrir to understand what the represent. They represent an ideology different from the corrupt western way of life- a purely Islamic ideology in line with Islam. Their leaders and top ranks are some of the most intelligent and capable people I have met. By Allah- if we do not take the opportunity to support these guys we are fools. They will succeed in one of the Muslims countries and I hope it is Pakistan. I want my country to be the launchpad for the revival of the Ummah so they return to Islam and become just and bring justice to this planet which is crying out for help from the oppressive, colonial west…may Allah help them and grant them victory.

  4. Our pakistani govt. is full of corrupt rulers. Nothing done for its people. We don't have electricity in whole country if we have it is gone more than 10 times a day!

    We need to support the call for islamic caliphate, not only be bystanders but also work for this Deen! We don't need the accept of ISI we have the acceptance and duty from Allah! I have a sincere advice to all brothers and sister in pakistan work, strive and struggle for Deen of Allah, and Allah will make you victorious!

  5. Oh Pakistani youth! Leave Imran Khan to play cricket with Zardari/Jilani! Pakistan needs you and it needs the Hizb to work with you to change the system. The change will come from the youth and the Generals will have to follow you insha"Allah

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