Bhutto will emerge from every household


A human being actually dies when he and his sayings are forgotten by the people. But the philosophy and ideology of great leaders like Zulfikar Ali Bhutto resemble the nuclear energy that illuminates the dark avenues for thousands of years and keeps the flame of resistance burning – doused in their blood – against the forces of oppression.
The people of Pakistan do not have a short memory.
They are well aware of the machinations and antics that have been employed since independence to insult, humiliate and push them into the blind alleys of poverty and ignorance.
During the last 64 years, whenever a ray of hope emerged, it was smothered through night attacks. Edicts of paganism, fake and fabricated news reports, misleading columns, false evidences that were used to carry Bhutto to the gallows and martyrdom, are still fresh in the minds of the people. The episode sent a clear message to the people, intellectuals and those who loved this country that they will have to put their lives on line before yearning for democracy. The way the democracy was disgraced, the self-respect of the people vitiated and their dreams pummeled, were indeed very sad and admonitory moments in our history. The very thought of those moments plunges one into sobs and darkness.
History is a witness to the fact that only 10 years after independence the foundations of the country were shaken through the promulgation of martial law which ultimately culminated in the dismemberment of the country.
Under these unenviable circumstances Bhutto responded to the call of the history because the people and Pakistan needed him like the Muslim of the subcontinent needed Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He adopted a democratic path with the support and backing of the people as envisioned by the Quaid-e-Azam and through his struggle and actions proved it beyond an iota of doubt that he was the rue heir and a trustee of the legacy bequeathed by the founder of Pakistan.
Those raising the slogan of revolution today should take a leaf from Bhutto’s book, who through his indomitable character, sagacity and infectious philosophy triggered such a revolution that the people under his leadership challenged the forces of evil and pulled down the edifice of dictatorship.
He did not resort to any course other than democracy. And when he was entrusted with the responsibility to lead truncated Pakistan, he put in place such reforms which set into motion a real revolution within the space of five and half years.


  1. ZAB's contribution in the country's politics was on the lines of the west world and America. In his party there were socialists but those socialists were democratic first. Leaders like Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Laiuqat Ali Khan, Mohammad Ayub Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto do not come everyday to lead the country. So, these leaders should be extended respect on the basis of their contribution for the improvement of the country. MAJ and LAK are given the status however the other two odes not find the same consideration. Ayub Khan and Bhutto both lead the country in a very progressive manner and were successful leaders. Bhutto was the first leader who in the history of polls in the country won a land slide victory.Like they say," KITNAY BHUTTO MARRO GAY< HAR GHAR SAY BHUTTO NICKLAY GA ".

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