SC should take action on secret agreements with US: Fazl


Chief of his own faction of JUI, Maulana Fazalur Rehman, said on Wednesday that foreign office had not any record of the agreements which were carried out with the USA and NATO during Musharraf regime.
He was speaking at a conference of seminaries at Jamia Islamia. The meeting was presided over by a renowned Islamic scholar Pir Aziz-ur-Rehman Hazarvi.
He said further that Pakistan faced damages of almost 70 billion dollars in addition to life losses during the war against terrorism, whereas it got only aid of less than five billion dollars in last five years. Supreme Court takes sue motto action on minor issues but it should investigate those agreements, which caused disgrace and shame to the country.
“No power of the world can harm the Islamic seminaries in Pakistan. They cannot bring any change in the country without our consent. The journey of these Madaris would be continued. The recommendation to abolish Islamic seminaries is the part of international agenda. These are the castles of Islam as they are the defenders of ideological boundaries of Pakistan”, he added.
He said those elements, which are chanting slogans for terminating corruption, are actually the political gypsies. The history of country is full of those gypsies who after smelling power, get ready for traveling. This is the continuity of the old sequence but every time they change their faces.
“The government asked JUI-F to furnish its proposals for revamping foreign policy but we refused as we gave some suggestions in 2008 on national security, which were not implemented. We demanded the rulers show the agreements, which Pervez Musharraf made with the USA and NATO but Ministry of Foreign Affairs had not any kind of record”, Fazalur Rehman added.
He said that government was responsible for the attacks on Salalah check post and other assaults on other strategic points.