Nawaz should seek nation’s apology: Khurshid


Religious Affairs Minister Khurshid Shah said on Wednesday that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Nawaz Sharif should seek apology from the nation over his statement on setting up military courts in Karachi, a private TV channel reported.
Speaking from the floor of National Assembly, Khurshid Shah said it was not expected from Nawaz Sharif that he would utter such words in a democratic set up.
Criticising the Supreme Court’s actions, he said, “Suo motto notices are taken on lies and pieces of papers. We don’t care about any contempt of court.”
He said NRO gets repeatedly mentioned and asked where the NRO actually was.
“We are not afraid of anyone and will say what is right,” he added.
He said Benazir Bhutto had departed from this world but ‘we are ready to face accountability any time’.


  1. @ current statement of Khurshid Shah a PPP Leader – my reaction to the irresponsible statement about judiciary Senior most Corrupt History Breaker always mourn under the shadows of their slain leaders corpses and strived thier best to loot the country either it was the reign of Zufiqar Ali Bhutto – Bay Nazeer – or Zardaari – never been changed in spite of the fact they have honoured the most influential seats seat of the President – Prime Minister – Chairman Senate – Speakers – but inspite of these blessings always overruled the code of ethics – over rulled their limits even found in bargaining the integrity and independence and soverignity of Pakistan. now ultimtely facing the MEMO GATE scandel – litterally baymurruwut nashukray nalaique gustakh nakhid – lootayray vagabond – and now after destroying all strategic institutions of PIA – Railways – THEY ARE NOW STRIVING THEIR BEST HOW TO POSSES THEMSELVES – martyr of democracy . to bloff the Pakistani Nation .

  2. Millions of innocent people were killed in Heroshema and Nagasaki by atomic attacks.Did the World Number One Democratic and so-called wellwishers of poor people offer its apologies? We in Pakistan do not perform for the people ,but pulling on each other`s legs. This is the Politics in our country.AISSI MOHABBAT SE HUM BAAZ AAE JO DIL KO DUKHAI TARPHAE.

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