PTI to launch civil disobedience movement: Imran


Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan has said that during the Central Executive Committee meeting of the party to be held next month, he will announce to launch civil disobedience movement against the corrupt regime.
Addressing a press conference at the party’s Central Secretariat on Tuesday, he said that government has lost confidence of the people. He said that former Secretary State Condoleza Rice wrote truth in her book that the US which dug up the deal between Musharraf and Benazir, also got held the elections of the leaders who benefited from NRO.
He said that the present corrupt government was responsible for the shortage of electricity and gas. The rulers had ruined the national institutions including PIA, Railways and Pakistan Steel Mills. He said that soon he would bring the evidences of rulers’ corruption to the nation. The organisations, giving the revenue of billions of rupees, are facing severe financial crisis.
“I never met Joe Bidden, Altaf Hussain, Zulfiqar Mirza and Fatima Bhutto”, Imran Khan added.
He said that about four million people lost their jobs only in Punjab due to energy crises. The incapability of the government has reached to an extent that some four million illegal power connections were detected but no action was taken even against any one electricity thief. Poor people are facing punishment for this theft by getting expensive electricity. Last year some 2.8 million air-conditioners were sold out but only 0.185 million people are paying their bills and the people are holding the load of remaining ones.
He said that he was in favour of making more provinces. The PTI handed over the proofs of rigging in Lahore bye-elections to the Election Commission but no action was taken so far. If ECP would not decide the matter, his party would not take part in any bye-elections.


    • Exactly Yasir,,, it seems like I am blindly chasing him now… wherever he took us now, we are with him… and I trust, he wont shatter our hopes…. Imran Khan.

  1. PTI admits that they met MQM two weeks before Karachi Jalsa for their support. I think that’s the reason Imran Khan never criticises MQM & says they’ve brought ‘revolution’ in Karachi – Yes, for Imran Khan slitting throats & killing thousands of people is ‘Revolution’.

    Another thing Awab Alvi says is that Zardari & his government is NOT but Punjab & PML-N are their ultimate targets – I guess, one can certainly figure it out by Imran Khan’s speeches as he criticises PML(N) way more than Zardari or any other politician.

  2. Pakistan Today : CNG Association se strike kar wa k Imran khan se civil disobedience movement chall wa k Govt. Ghar Bheejnay ka ye aik achaa kheel hai Maggar iss ka benifit un ko hi ho ga jo ye kheel kheel rahay hain Imran ko nahi.

  3. Dear Zeeshan. yah “UNITY & PEACE” jalsa tha…aur yah ap ko achi tarha pata hy k MQM ki majority representaion aik khas sthnic group ki hy…agar aik leade us group ki representaion ko fire kry to wo leader kahlany ka haqdar nai hy…….esy ap us ki bewaqoofi ya apni aqalmandi samjhin its up to u.

  4. PTI was there to bring peace not violance… remember that…peace comes never comes with weapons….PPP & PMLN are major contributers of the current setup…as Ruling and oppositions……and their respective weekness must always b highlited … matter which party is that….

  5. hahahhaha yar Luqman bhai how genious u r…u must b at presidential place……lolxxxx…. i thnk agar aik corrupt hakumat sy jan choot jay to us sy public ko nuqsan hota hy…..hmm m inteligent now…hats off to u man.

  6. Woah! You mean criticizing Nawaz Shareef was okay in that so-called ‘Unity & Peace’ Jalsa but when it comes to MQM (Those responsible for the unrest & target killings in karachi, and everyone knows that) IK said they’ve brought revolution in Karachi – Masha’Allah

    And I suggest you to watch that video first & then come up with any solid argument, my friend!

  7. it seems Like 1977 PNA movement Imran trying to act like Asghar khan soon Jamat Islami Munawar hassan will join then it will be same script of 1977 PNA movement against Z A Bhutto which lead to Gen. Zia Coup BUT HERE WOULD BE A Qoumi Hakumat it can all happen bfore march senate election?

  8. Dear Zeeshan Main sb is leader of the whole nation not a trgeted ethnic group…MQM typicaly in karachi is represnting just a group ….not all the livng groups…..feel the difference.

  9. @Zeeshan Amjad bhai the UNITY & PEACE part of the Jalsa was only meant for MQM not for PMLN. … after all Khan sb had to tow the line of his Aaqa…

  10. I may agree with Laeeq Hashmi Sb, but is there any other solution to stop such a corrupt government? Now it is up to people of Pakistan that what they want. Whether they want to be deceived again and again or they want to have a change. I must say that it would be the best to give a chance to IK. His all moves sound that he is a transparent person. At least there will be no corruption, which is the biggest problem of our nation. Corruption has been penetrated through out the nation. Giving CNG buses without CNG, awarding with Laptops without electricity, giving hundreds of jobs with firing thousands of employ from industry must be considered as a big corruption. The increased unemployment will increase the lawlessness which will push the country toward the Hell. Lets give a chance to IK. If it might be a risk, then we must take risk because we do not have any other choice. If you left with last arrow but you still have many enemies even then you must fire it. Think positively and get the good results.

  11. No because civil disobedience is just a slogan to make the people fool as he early make with slogan to introduce new faces and allowed all old Q league to join PTI, how can he bring revolution with Timon’s, makhdooms, Waraich’s etc

  12. We are with you IK and PTI..we need to save Pakistan before we loose our Balouchi brothers and these Status Quo sell our nation!!You give us the signal and we shall come out InshaAllah!!

  13. Great Khan, we are with you. You are the only one who could make it happen- to help this nation get rid of poiliticians like zardari and nawaz shareef

  14. Great Khan, go ahead and we are with you. We will support you, will vote for you and will do everything you will ask us for pakistan.

  15. Civil disobedience shall be framed well as it is very broad term. I think IK shal;l move step by step.

    • language of army has been spoken by those who took memo case to supreme court, on the directives of army….

  16. The reason IK didnt comment on MQM, Army and Musharraf in the Karachi jalsa was because( as he has said several times) he has an aim(to rid pakistan of the corrupt regime; including Nawaz Sharif whose also corrupt) and MQM and PML-N are just obstacle of that aim and commenting on them is just a waste of time.
    HOWEVER, he HAD to speak against the sharifs because he just could not hold it in him NOT to!!

  17. mqm and pti are very similar, only difference is the weapon use in mqm, other then that, they have the common goal, bring educated people to goverment fromt he grass root leavel, so i think it would be great if the both come together. now lets face it mqm cant do anything on there own with thr few seats, so they have to go with the flow, and thts what happend on the 25 dec.

    and also some said tht he doesnt criticize zardari enough, that is because, zardari is not coming bak, he only has 1.5 years, after tht his chapter is done. its the pmln he has to look out for, cuz they are the next one,

  18. Most of the people here are just talking abt IK either targeting PNL-N solely and not targeting zardari or the MQM. Some people just chant 'IK zindabad' or some other drooling slogan abt the upcoming leader. Please dont follow him because he's pathan and so are you. Support him if you're sure he'd bring a 'real' change in Pakistan. Let yourself not be divided by such petty differences. We should all look towards Pakistan's betterment as we're all 'pakistan's'…not punjabis, pathan, sindhis or urdu-speaking. All these 'terms' are to divide us. Pakistan is so further down the drain that its almost impossible to think of its comeback. But inshAllah there will be one and the world will see it, inshAllah. Once there was a time when foreigners would come to Pakistan to study at Karachi University or tour in the northern areas. Thats not here no more. Because the Government's too busy building their own palaces's abroad to think abt pakistan's future.
    I see hope in IK. Not because he had Shezad Roy on his jalsa, not because DJ Shahrukh made a really good dj mix on him, but because he speaks the truth, because he's educated, because he does not live abroad and enjoy his riches, because he is not corrupt. He gave us shaukat khannum.
    A few years ago singapore was not a tourist attraction, instead it was not doing well at all. Then a new prime minister came and changed the course of their history. I believe IK will do the same. If IK does not deliver, you will see that his supporters will leave sooner than they had joined.

  19. We dont need revolution and PTI should not try to create one. Agreed we need change and better governance but the same will not come with revolution but a process, win elcetions come into power make a change show your good governance sincel already som many with vote bank is joining PTI. People of Pakistan has ahd enough of being guniea pigs for all rulers and that will include PTI. The going is good for PTI and it will win without revolution or any such disobedeinece movemnet please dont spoil it.

  20. well i guess still we have educated Jahils in pakistan who still think ppp or Pml(n) is good for country actully they are lieing to themself and people around them from last 20 years we gave them chance we gave them govt. they did only bad things to pakistan friends do not forget right now PMLn Govt. in whole Punjab & PPP in Pakistan what they dilivering to us lies currption hunger no light no gas no oil no food no jobs and you idiots Jahil Pakis saying PPP & PMLn is good Shame on you Jahil Pakis…. Great IK will Save Pak.

  21. There are so many things brewing up. There is judicial commission probing Memogate,a court contempt case against so-called dare-devil buch of government stooges and plan of AAZ for defiance of apex court on NRO,Memogate and contempt case. Amidst all this a movement of civil disobedeince ,could be last trigger to usher a change for wrapping the corrupt set-up and induction of an interum government of technocrats for early elections.Let's wait and see.

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