Asma’s decision


It must have badly hurt the lawyers’ community when Asma Jahangir, the counsel for Hussain Haqqani, expressed no trust in the Supreme Court as well as the commission constituted to probe the memo.

What surprises the most is her logic that how it is possible that out of a nine-member bench none of them wrote any dissenting note. This simply reflects how minutely the honourable judges went through the case and were of the same opinion. Memo is not just a piece of paper, it is conspiracy against the state to weaken the armed forces so that the country is weakened beyond repair.

As an eminent lawyer she should know that there are no equal matches in judiciary, one party has to loose. Traditionally, in Pakistan any party that looses battle in the Supreme Court starts talking foul against the judiciary. No lawyer has moral ground to cast aspersions on the Supreme Court because they fail to get decision according to their wishes.

Since lawyers have fought a prolonged war in restoration of judiciary and Asma Jahnagir was one of them (which she regrets now), therefore to presume that the Supreme Court would consider their struggle for their restoration and give a favourable decision in their favour is rather expecting too much. Judgment of the Supreme Court is always in accordance with the law. By saying that she was forced to think whether it was the judiciary of the people or judiciary of the establishment is in a bad taste.

Our all institutions have collapsed. Let us not ridicule the higher judiciary because we failed to get judgment of our own choice. Under the prevailing circumstances, let us be cool instead of showing anger. Let us wait for the outcome of commission.




  1. Absolutely nonsense allegations, amounting to ridicule Supreme Court. She has sensed that she can’t make any headway in this case, so accusing courts before the proceedings started. She should be charged for contempt of court. Asma is famous for being Indian (Hindu) sympathiser. She is creating scenes for maligning Pakistan Army for influencing courts. Indian newspapers are already on the job, blasting black propaganda against Pakistan and Pakistan Army.

  2. I am not a lawyer or a politician but I believe that the Judiiciary in Pakistan is NOT independent. The judges subserves the interest of political parties , especially of PMLN,

    I am surprised at your innocence, Do you really not know that the same judges took oath under PCO was it legal ? the same judges provide legal umbrella to then illegal government of Musharraf and last but not least since when toppling legally elected governments was legal but it was legitimized the same group of judges. Wake up and be part of illumination, let some light in to dark nooks and crannies of oppression.

    • Dear You are right,they did something wrong and realized.The change must be welcomed.We can"t import angels to sit in our courts.The question is not of PCO judges but question is of integrity of certain individuals who are at the helm of affairs.You can not accuse the judges because there will always be one decision in which one party has to lose.We must establish new and healthy traditions to accept the decisions of the court, otherwise everything will collapse. Regards

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