Sonam doing hot yoga for bikini bod


It’s been six months now and the Kapoors – Anil, Sunita and daughter Sonam – are pleased with the difference hot yoga has made in their lives. Sonam’s doing it for a bikini bod, while her parents are doing it for fitness. The family is working out together under the watchful instructions of Los Angeles-based couple Mark and Christianne Mead – disciples of the founder of Bikram Yoga (popularly known as hot yoga).
Anil, who was in LA earlier this year, met the yoga guru, who has the likes of Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Lady Gaga and George Clooney as clients and expressed keenness to learn Bikram Yoga. “Bikram recommended the Meads who flew in to Mumbai in July this year and have been tutoring them exclusively since,” says Anil. Sonam is working out for a sequel to her latest film that will have her sporting a bikini for the first time. She says, “I want to get fitter.
And yes, I’m learning hot yoga to get a bikini body. I don’t believe one has to sport a size-zero figure to flaunt it. One just needs a fit, sexy and toned body.”