Haqqani was involved in Memogate-like conspiracy against BB: Brig Imtiaz


The man at the centre of Memogate scam, Hussain Haqqani, tried to involve Benazir Bhutto in a similar conspiracy during the first tenure of her government at the instance of Mian Nawaz Sharif, when Haqqani was media head of Nawaz government, claimed former head of Intelligence Bureau (IB) Brig Imtiaz Ahmad.
In a private TV channel interview, Brig Imtiaz disclosed that Hussain Haqqani had prepared and sent a fake letter purported to be written by Benazir Bhutto as Prime Minister of Pakistan against country’s nuclear programme and army.
“Hussain Haqqani was the central character in a Memogate-like scandal against former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 1989,” Imtiaz Ahmad said, adding that at that time Nawaz Sharif was the Chief Minister of Punjab and Haqqani was head of his media team and had vast resources at his disposal.
Brig Imtiaz Ahmad said that Hussain Haqqani manipulated the signature of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto on a fake letter and then photocopies were made and a campaign was launched, declaring her as anti-Pakistan and security risk. He claimed that this political campaign was the brainchild of Hussain Haqqani, who had the full backing of Punjab government.
The former IB chief said despite categorical denial by Benazir Bhutto, this campaign was used as publicity tool against her. He said at that time he (Imtiaz) was holding an important position in Punjab and had expressed strong reservations over it.
He said whether the present Memogate scandal is true or false, there is no doubt that WikiLeaks and Mansoor Leaks (Mansoor Ijaz) are twins of CIA. For the past one year these are being effectively used against Pakistan’s defence institutions and the only purpose behind that is to weaken and destabilise Pakistan, he said.


  1. As Pakistanis, we believe that Americans are our forefathers whereas the truth is that we got independence from the UK and NOT from US.
    Hussain Haqqani was an adult diplomat of Pakistan in US and it is beyond imagination that either he will write or dictate memo to hand over to US General.
    Even this kind of foolishness cannot be done by any child of a diplomat, what to talk about Mansoor Ejaz who is bent upon creating chaos between the civil and military leadership in Pakistan.
    Does Pakistan have enough technical capability to seek forensic evidence from the Black-Berry Company where things can be manipulated quite according to the wishes and desire of Mansoor Ijaz.

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