Fruit, vegetable prices continue to rise at Sunday Bazaars


The prices of vegetables and fruits have been on the rise for the last three weeks, while the price of chicken has also remained high.Many shopkeepers sold sugar at very high rates and fleeced the customers. The city district government imposed fines on the shopkeepers but the practice continued still. The price of chicken in the Sunday Bazaars touched Rs 190 per kilogramme, whereas it was sold for Rs 180 per kg last Sunday. The price of ginger, green chillies, onions and cucumbers increased by Rs 5, 10, 7 and 8 per kg, respectively. They were sold at Rs 75, 65, 42, 35 and 48 per kg, respectively.
Out of the 24 enlisted fruits, only the price of oranges decreased, while the prices of 10 other fruits, including apples, bananas and pomegranates, increased. The price of oranges decreased by Rs 2 per dozen and they were available at Rs 58 per dozen. “The government should do something to control the prices of fruits,” said housewife Ayesha Azhar at the Green Town Sunday Bazaar, adding that the city district government should also check the price of sugar, which was being sold at higher rates.Meanwhile, the city district government inspected the Shadman, Iqbal Town, Wahdat Road and Johar Town Sunday Bazaars and fined the shopkeepers selling products at higher rates Rs 5,000 each.