Residents celebrate New Year’s Eve


The residents of the federal capital celebrated New Year’s Eve with enthusiasm on Saturday, despite the freezing temperature, looming terror threats, and inflation amid tight police security.
From private parties to impromptu celebrations on the main roads, the city had it all. Using the evening as the perfect opportunity to let their hair down and enjoy the evening, the residents of Islamabad went all out on Saturday night. A number of private parties and dinners were organised.
The police took measures to secure the city for the New Year celebrations. An Islamabad Capital Territory administration official told Pakistan Today that over 2000 police officials had been deployed around 275 markets, 30 open places and 6 entry and exit points of the capital. The bomb disposal squad officers also inspected celebration venues such as Jinnah Super, Kohsar marker and F-10 Markaz.Undeterred by the presence of police officials youngsters on motorcycles and four wheelers thronged to shopping malls and to the roads of various sectors dancing on the beats of Pakistani, Indian and Western music.
“It has been a difficult, violent year for the country. New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate, and instead of catching the revelers, the police should take action against extortionists, target killers and criminals. It is strange that the police are after us instead of catching those who have destroyed the peace of our country,” said Hashim Raza, as he removed a silencer at a mechanic’s shop in the Faizabad area.It was learnt that mechanics were having a field day too. Rates were doubled for removing silencers. Rs 200 were charged to ‘break’ a silencer and Rs 100 to remove it. Other enterprising young men undertook the task themselves.
The city’s flower markets also did good business, while the merchants anticipated Valentine’s Day.“I had sales of Rs 60,000 on February 14 last year,” said 20-year-old Talha Shakil, a shop owner at the F-6/1 flower market. He added that he did not expect sales to touch that mark on New Year’s Eve.
A large number of residents visited picnic spots including Dam-e-Koh, Pir Sohawa, Marghazar Zoo, Children Park, Lake View Park, Shakarparian Hills, Pakistan Monument, Rose and Jasmine Garden, and Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9).


  1. We follow solar calendar in all official and private matters. The count down to

    New Year is recognized in private parties since Pakistan’s creation. The public

    welcome of the new year becomes a responsibility of our civil society to ensure our

    Youth celebrate in manners that do not hurt themselves or others.

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