Paediatric infectious diseases conference on 7th and 8th


The Infectious Diseases Group of the Pakistan Paediatric Association, in collaboration with the association’s Sindh branch as co-host, is organising the 4th Paediatric Infectious Diseases Conference on January 7 and 8 at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi. The theme of the Conference is “Infections in Children – Reducing the Toll” with special emphasis on paediatric infections, diseases, diagnostic difficulties, tuberculosis, infection control issue, malaria, dengue fever, typhoid and novel vaccines.
 The conference is being organised under the supervision of renowned paediatrician Prof Dr Iqbal Memon.
Leading physicians and paediatricians from Pakistan and abroad will be presenting their research papers during the conference, where focus would be on almost every aspect of diseases.
The Ministry of Health and related national programmes such TB, Malaria and MNCH/ENC, Child Survival Programme Sindh, UNICEF and WHO will be actively participating in the conference. According to the chairman the organising committee, Prof Dr Iqbal Memon, the event focuses on multifaceted issues confronted during paediatric care and management.
The academic exchange of experiences with the experts in this conference would provide impetus to increase the research efforts at all levels – clinical, laboratory and operational. Deliberations will be made to pave the way for improving and strengthening diabetes healthcare. The proceedings of the conference will provide a deep insight into the academic content of the conference.