No threat to govt from memogate: Babar Awan


Coming hard on PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif over his petition in the memogate scandal, PPP Vice President Dr Babar Awan on Friday said it was tantamount to ‘no trust in the parliament’. Holding the Punjab government responsible for most of problems, especially the energy crisis, Babar Awan said the PML-N was ruling 62 percent portion of the country, but no good governance prevailed there.
Talking to reporters and a gathering of lawyers from the People’s Lawyers Forum, Senator Babar Awan said there was no threat to the federal government due to the meogate scandal as it had no role in it. He said the elected government was not so weak that a piece of paper could topple it. He said the country’s sovereignty could not be shattered even by 100 such letters. He alleged the PML-N was misleading the nation by raising alarm on non-issues. Awan said the SC decision on the memo petitions had brought a ‘mourning day’ for Nawaz. He alleged the Punjab police had been tasked to fetch a big crowd for the PML-N public meeting on Saturday (today). There would be another show of patwaris in Gujranwala, he added. Expressing grief over killings of 14 people in Gujranwala, he said there was no administration in the province as people were being killed on roads. He alleged the rulers of the Punjab were utilising all government resources for their political motives.


  1. pakisatn is under threat and not PPP which is certainly a government not for Pakistan . . o ALLAH when will we will get rid from LIARS like babar .

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