Water is life… even if it’s a project


‘Project Aab’, a nationwide post-flood rehabilitation programme, has so far reached 70,000 people affected by the 2010 floods in 19 locations within eight districts of the country. A total of 59,000 gallons of safe drinking water are produced daily for about 5,000 families. For food security, kitchen gardening supplies and training have been provided to a number of families and women Fourteen local awareness raising events on safe drinking water, maintenance of water filtration plants, preventive measures against water-borne diseases and health and have also been conducted.
The project was launched by the United Bank Limited (UBL) in collaboration with the Hisaar Foundation on May 27, 2011.
Under the project, the concept of the “Total Water Solution”, pioneered by the Hisaar Foundation, was implemented and the affected communities were provided support and resources for medium and long-term availability of safe drinking water and food assistance.
A ceremony was held on Wednesday by UBL and Hisaar Foundation to raise public awareness about the progress on the ongoing project. Zohair Ashir, governor of the Hisaar Foundation, welcomed the participants and gave a brief overview of the foundation. He explained that with the mission of promoting appropriate policies and creative, low-cost solutions for conservation in Pakistan by working on water, food, livelihood and climate change issues, the Hisaar Foundation has emerged as a premier institution that provides a platform for bringing together issues of water, food and livelihood and seeks solutions relevant for the water-food-livelihood nexus in an integrated manner.
Simi Kamal, chairperson of the Hisaar Foundation, shared the progress, success and impact of the project with the participants.
She highlighted the significance of the initiative and the positive impact it had on the daily lives of the communities and people. She also explained the design and process of the project which is aimed at ensuring sustainability of this initiative by developing ownership among the recipients and providing them with technical assistance through Hisaar Foundation’s implementing partners as envisaged under the “Total Water Solution” concept.
Speaking on the occasion, Atif Bokhari, president of the UBL, said his bank has always been a responsible corporate entity and believes in giving back to the community.
“The UBL effectively rose to the challenge of millions of people being displaced by the floods without the basic amenities of food and clean drinking water. By partnering with the Hisaar Foundation, we fulfilled our promise to the nation in an effective and timely manner,” he added.