Masked gunmen shot dead police surgeon Dr Syed Baqir Shah, who had contradicted police and Frontier Corps’ reports of the Kharotabad incident in Quetta on Thursday. Superintendent of Police Fareedullah Bareach told reporters that the identity of the killers was yet unknown. However, he said he would be able to comment in this regard after an investigation. Shah was going home from hospital when the gunmen ambushed his car and shot him in the head five times, killing him on the spot, Bareach said. His personal staff officer, Abdul Hameed Mengal was accompanying him when the armed men opened fire at them on Sabzal Road.
Mengal, the only witness who was sitting in the backseat, told police that when Shah slowed down his car near his house, one of the two gunmen, who were waiting there, rushed towards the car and started firing at them. He said both the assailants had their faces covering and fled soon after. The police surgeon received fame after the Kharotabad incident when he contradicted police and Frontier Corps’ version that five foreigners, four Russians and one Tajik, were killed in hand-grenade explosions which they were carrying. Dr Shah, who performed the autopsy on the victims, declared in his report that no sign of splinters was found on their bodies and the cause of the death of the foreigners, including three women, one of them seven months pregnant, were bullet wounds.
He had also told an enquiry tribunal investigating the incident that he had been receiving life threats from some “quarters” who were pressurizing him to change his postmortem report.
Dr Shah is survived by his wife and two sons, aged eight and 14.


  1. And you know what the irony is. This person won't even be included in the list of "Shaheed", becz he used to be a civilian. In my view this person is shaheed of the highest category. In the holy book, The Almighty tells us about the highest rankings of muslims, and those are
    Dr. Baqir! Please, when u ll be among those, please, please, please, don't ask forgiveness for our nation, please, please, please, ask for justice, because we don't deserve forgiveness but rather justice.

  2. Situation normal. Pakistan's sovereignty is maintained. Long live the military and para of them. Great example for the world to stand up and show respect…

  3. How heartless and insensitive of this man, Anon probably short for Anonymous, does not have the decency to pay tribute to the fallen and has chosen to be sarcastic.

    Our prayers are for Dr Baqar and his family. The government and in this case the government of KP has failed in its duty towards Dr Baqar.

    I have no words to express my sorrow and my grief on this cold and insensitive at.

    May Allah Subhan o Tala give him the highest darjat in Jannah. Ameen

    England 30th December 2011
    2335 hours

    • Sorry my comment is perceived that way. It was meant to be just the opposite. It was my expression of disgust to say that the life of a self sacrificing person like Dr. Baqar is as important (if not more) than the political frenzies (surrounding fake issues) that are propagated in the Pakistani society. We may have already forgotten Saleem Shehzad. Today's news is two senior Pakistani journalists (Najam Sethi and Hamid Mir) threatened by security personnel ( How long can this go on, how many more honest lives have to be sacrificed before this situation changes change?

      So allow me to join you in expressing my respect to Dr Syed Baqir Shah's soul and my condolences to his family and friends.

      • Apologies accepted. It was nice of you to have printed your feelings. It was also very sensible to have acted in a mature fashion. It is highly appreciated.
        Kind regards

  4. i remember when he was attacked for the 1st time and he spoke to media with bandages on his forehead and vowed that he wont backtrack his medical report of kharot Abad incident i knew sooner or later he would join 35000 shaheeds of fateful Pakistan
    Dr Baqir May u rest in Peace PlS PLs Pls Pls Dont forgive the murderers In the most supreme court of Allah

  5. Pls dont blame army.They have got nothing to do with this case
    May he rest in peace lets get united

  6. Dr. Baqir Shah was also a shia too btw, I wonder how the media failed to mention that key fact!!! Another Shia Doctor killed, why don't they just make a policy to kill all Shia Doctors once and for all so the ISI and its sponsored-terrorist agencies can sleep in piece!

  7. What a brave man he was. May Allah Almighty rest his soul in peace.. Allah barbad kary in katilon ko aur un ko jinhon ne masoon aurton ko kharotabad main mara..

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