Fatima Bhutto, Zulfikar Junior not joining PTI: spokesman


The Pakistan People’s Party-Shaheed Bhutto (PPP-SB) on Wednesday strongly rebuffed media reports regarding joining of Fatima Bhutto and Zulfikar Junior, children of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI).
PPP-SB spokesman Inayat Hussain said that such reports were baseless and concocted. He said that such reports were being disseminated by support of PTI Chairman Imran Khan and aimed at damaging the philosophy of former PM and PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who gave an unanimous constitution to the country. Inayat said that everybody knew that the PTI was a creation of the establishment and providing an opportunity to develop a cricketer-turned-politician.
Separately, People’s Students Federation-Shaheed Bhutto (PSF-SB) Sindh chapter took out a rally from Al-Murtaza House to Larkana Press Club against the media.
The protesters chanted slogans against those people, who indulged in yellow journalism.


  1. She should join PTI.. PTI is basically representing Youth Slogan.. and youth will feel good if she joins PTI.. afterall she is a brain of Pakistan..

  2. Fatima Bhutto should join PTI to take part in re building our country which has been destroyed by PPP.

  3. This shows that Bhutto's only care about hemselves and to be in Power only for sake of their interests. They have nothing to do with Pakistan

  4. Imran khan is a great leader. All those people who believe in justice should join PTI. Bhutto family should know that IT IS the PPP govenment benazir and murtaza bhutto killers are not caught.They should work for the country and leave family politics.

  5. Ok look my PTI friends she wont join the party. Her father was a left wing anti establishment activist and she somehow carries the same beliefs. Only thing likely is an alliance of sorts in Sindh. She is not joining!!! Get over it.

    • That's a joke! You should read the book "The Terrorist Prince" written by no other than a comrade of Zulfiqar Bhutto himself – Raja Anwar to see what sort of a revolutionary Murtaza Bhutto was!?!

  6. Yes Half Pakistani Half Afghani brain…..trained by a Lebanese Mom who married his father in Syria.
    She comes from a diverse culture.

  7. she is very inteligent,she should join politics anyway & pti is the only party that she can join.she has good vision she should participate to build pakistan:)))

  8. she z not going 2 spoil her mother and brother chances in politics not matter how bleak they r by joining imran khan. she z also a feudal and hypocrite. on one hand criticises duyasties but on other hand campaign 4 her motherghinwa who z doing politics in name of her husband. isnt it dynastic . by the way , people never voted them in elections. few months after murtaza death when their mentor mumtaz bhutto was the chief minister, laghari was the president,public sympathy was with them, even than they lost the elections to ppp in 1997. so, it doesnt make any difference who fatima or ghinwa side with. public of larkans, sindh, will never vote 4 them. period.

  9. PTI is emerging another party of feudals & burger class.There is no harm accepting Fatima Bhutto. But remember the Burgar class is the real burglar class in pakistan.

  10. come on pti babies…
    i donot understand why pti need big faces if harry potter aka imran khan enjoys support of 95% of ppl, as claimed by fan club of pti

    • PTI needs big faces because we r living in a country where people go for biradri,caste, and language etc in the rural areas.. no matter how sincere u r , people in the rural areas dont listen to u at all ..u need to come in power once and prove something first .. only then u wont need big faces … Imran Khan is the only honest leader we have and time is changing.. InshaAllah… we r going to have a great NEW Pakistan very soon.

  11. Fatima is not a kid like all the other PTI majority, she is a mature person. She finds her joining PTI in her very own words "ridiculous" … by spreading such rumors PTI is trying to get importance…which is so petty. Fatima will never join an establishment party and that is what PTI is. As far as PPP critics are concerned …I am glad there are now PTI critics too with a worst bunch of thieves and Lotas, so you ahve lost the moral ground. Welcome to politics anyways as said the President.

    • So what if PTI is supported by the establishment? Who really cares… if PPP can come into power because of NRO brokered by the US and the establishment… if nawaz sharif can be nurtured by Zia…. whats wrong with establishment supporting a much better candidate in the likes of IK?….what kind of pathetic rhetoric and whining is carried out by pro status quo forces…

    • agree with u but ghinwa or fatima bhutto aint saints either. fatima's mother ghinwa z also an establishment pawn. at time of murtaza death , she didnt even have pakistani nationality. she got it in just 3 days and was convinced by then president laghari, a staunch opponent of benazir, to cite name of benazir and zardari in murtaza murder. she was supported by the establishment through out to ensure that benazir doesnt get a smooth sailing. she also wanted the ppp canidates 2 join her party after benazir death. thats the other case no one shifted their loyalties. i bet u, had the ppl now joining imran approached ghinwa bhutto 2 join her party , she wldnt have hesitated 2 include them in her party and wld cite the same reasons now given by imran khan. so, their r no holy cows in politics.

  12. Wow Good ! Bhutto Party True Democratic Party ,Organize Own Party Or Merge ,Alliance PPP , Its A Better Idea !

  13. @salma….you will benefit from reading up history of Mr. Bhutto…he was the first leader to use establishment muscle heavily for political purposes…what happened afterwards was a tragedy and we regret that but PPP was one of the first abusers…
    secondly, with anti-establishment faces like Asghar Khan and Javed Hashmi in PTI, calling PTI an establishment party is more of a viewer's bias than a rational storyline.

    • excellent replies by Falcon, Haleema and Ali … i wod like to add that some people call Imran khan as " yahodi lobby " .. so the thing is ,, they should ask themselves about the fact that he cant be " yahodi lobby " and establishment puppit at the same time … Establishment wont let a yahodi agent in our country and jews wont ever support any establishment backed person .. isnt it? so all the Anti-Imran Khan people should first clear their frustrated and nervous minds and then come up with some other dirty propaganda against him … bewakoof logo atleast think for ur country only once. Imran Khan zindabad.

  14. O comeone … they even dont exist in the political horizon of Pakistan … they are the miniaures the nano creature .. who cares about them ….

    • agree. loses election 4m their ''home'' town . uses bhutto name to remain in the news. pti z better off without these elite / feidal ladies.

    • they r flop. by mainting their own bhutto faction z keeping them in politics/news , otherwise, their surfs/ harris wont even vote 4 them

    • She should join PTI. Forget that you are a Bhutto, Fatima.. You are a capable and intelligent young woman who can work under the honest leadership of Imran Khan. The country needs you.she need to decide so that she could stand against zardari crpt mafia…

  15. فاطمہ بھٹو کو عمران خان سے شادی کر لینی چاہیے تاکہ انقلاب کو کامیاب بنایا جا سکے نالے سیر سپاٹا نالے موجاں گڈی دیاں

  16. Lol… THIS IS WHAT FATIMA BHUTTO THINKS OF IMRAN KHAN AND PTI….. her recent open statements follow :

    “For those asking me the MOST RIDICULOUS question I’ve heard all year the answer is no, I’m not. And no. I would never.”

    “Not even if the Aztecs were right and the world is ending in six days.”

  17. She should join PTI. Forget that you are a Bhutto, Fatima.. You are a capable and intelligent young woman who can work under the honest leadership of Imran Khan. The country needs you.

    • she doesnt need imran khan anymore. she has used the good offices of jemima khan to promote her book in UK. and introduced herself to the british elite. and thats it. who cares what pakistani youth think about her now.

    • really, she supports and vote 4 her mother. her party slogan z ''bhutto ka waris bhutto hai''. how come u say she z against dynasties.

  18. For all PTI supporters: pls let her be.. if she beleive in PTI/IK vision and has something to offer, iA she will join herself. We should not be lobbying her or making any accusation against her. We did the same in Marvi's case that just gave her too much attention for no obvious reason. So pls let these people be and let them make their own deicisions.

    IK stated clearly that JH was the only politician he personally went to ask to joint PTI. So we should follow his lead and stop asking people to join PTI… these are all mature politicians and know how they can serve the country best (if this is their intention)


    • no she wont, she knows ppl will never vote 4 her so she z not willing to see herself losing in an election.

  19. Whocares.com,
    Pakistanis are dreamers. Read Japanese history and check how Nations are build and how a country rises to the top.
    Let me confide with all, Pakistanis are made as very weak, due to chor leaders. You know what I mean? Chor ke paon Nahee hote, they will keep on running & hiding.
    A trillion $ question is "will Imran Khan survive as an honest person, in a dishonest society?"

      • TRUE for those who ACT, but not for those who start measuring the length of Pul-e-saraat. Wake-up and act from cleaning the house. People who "Pollute the place where they live and eat, ppl who try for encroachments everyday, and ppl who start arguments for the sake of arguments. THink Now,

  20. I don't know what the fuss is all about. These are remnants of an old empire that should have ended long ago. The main players have one way or another been eliminated and whats left of the regime has been gobbled up by Zardari. Although he likes portray himself and his children using their maternal grandad's name and thereby continue fooling the poor and downtrodden masses that make up the bulk of their votes.
    What a farce….


  22. Great decision, she should not join PTI as we havent tested Imran in politics yet. And Imran has changed his policies many times… like giving party tickets to lota minister & co.

  23. ppp, and bhutto family don't care about PAKISTAN or the people of PAKISTAN, they only care about their own intrest, If she is a true PAKISTANI, then she should rebuild PAKISTAN along with IMRAN KHAN, and J. HASHMI, and get her name in the HISTORY just like her grandad. But they Fatima and m. JUNIOR don't care about PAKISTAN. shame on you by calling your self PAKISTANI. AM SURPRISE UPTIL KNOW THAT THEY BHUTTO FAMILY HAVEN'T CHANGED THE NAME OF PAKISTAN TO BHUTTOSTAN.
    have i just gave them an idea? sorry friends.

  24. Both siblings will live to thank Imran Khan and PTI for making space for them in Pakistani politics in the years to come. For now Uncle Zardari will have them yanked out of existence if they seriously consider entering politics.

  25. What Ever If ,,,Fatima Join PTI then it would be Thier Chance to Get in Assembly, else They will be the Part of Losser,

    and My dear Readers,This is Poiltics,If Gahnwa or Fatima Join PTI then Sindh province will be thier teritary and this drea what they having since the Birth of BEnazeer Bhutto in Politcs………Hammad Balouch

  26. imran khan is the greatest leader of pakistan…….we should suuport pti…………. she must join pti………… imran khan the last hope of pakistan………plz stay wth imran…..

  27. Over all feeling was PPPSB r joining PTI, news channel discussed this , it’s fake.. HOW,Sea can fell down into rivers and canals??? if any following PPPSB ideology that river and canal can join Sea (PPPSB )…Followers never make their separate identification, if any doing it’s mean he is getting attention of people by using PPPSB name.Dear FATIMA people use ur part for their advertisement…. River r always small,,, Sea has capacity to absorb river , River has not capacity to absorb sea…CLEVER Rootless PTI

    • forget bout tht wht is sea r not at present imran is evry thing she shold join cuz she is intelligent i love her bcuz of her intellignce imran need intelligent people…

  28. PPP now has bcome a GANG of murderers,looter, non worthy ppl who can do nothing except ruining da country. da VISION of ZAB,BB Shaheed has been lost n ZARDARIs r in POWER. PPP shud stop using the BHUTTO slogan. FATIMA BHUTTO has no role in INTNL/NATIONAL politics.hw many ppl actually listen to her?. 5 or 10? or may b 20. TATS IT

    • i agrre ur ist part but regarding fatima ur wrong she would prove that she is tru bhutto and could lead in future….but she should join hand with imran…

  29. it would have been great cuz imran is only hope a great person but any way u knw better bout to take any dicission…..

  30. dont knw wht u tryng to say fatima knws Imran very well i think it was a great oppurtunity for her to join hand with imran to finish zardari mafia…..

  31. It is not necessry for Fatima to join imran khan for serving pakistan. And for all p.t.i supporters my question is that what kind of change we can bring with the help of already used and croupt qasuri,lagharies,jahangir taren,asif ahmad ali and many others??

    Please take it only as a question. I am not criticising any 1 just want the answer.

    • these r just the part of musharraf's or ppp govt….. these are not policy makers,,,,, policy makers are zardari and musharraf,,,,,now here policy maker is khan and INSHAALLAH every dicission will be right now…..so slz suport khan just for ur contry my country iqbal's country…

  32. good decision taken by fatima bhutto because this PTI is establishment base party and there no sonami comming.Imran khan is just selling old vine in new bottle

  33. fatima is pakistans future she belonge to great noble bhutto family insaAllah she will lead pakistan,Re build pakistan and revived bhuttos politics in pakistan and defeat zardari

  34. i think u peopl are mad how can she join pti imran khan as kabil nahi ha ka fatima bhutto us ko join kara imran khan ko chia ka woe fatima ko join kara

  35. dont join pti but take zardari’s place ofpresident an d u become , again PPP hard work of Bhutto’s should be raised in the air not destroyed by zardari’s

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