Third party inspectors assigned to check CNG cylinders


The department of explosives and ministry of industries have decided to hire third party inspectors and technical experts to check cylinders for safety purposes. The department of explosives devised a comprehensive plan for checking the safety of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders on Monday. The recent accidents of vehicular CNG cylinders were mainly due to the use of low pressure cylinders by informal sector for CNG storage; designed for low pressure gases like LPG and oxygen, etc. Ministry of industries is also implementing a comprehensive safety plan that includes awareness campaign and training programme in collaboration with United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and provincial governments, to avoid such accidents.
Furthermore, it is clarified that the government has not taken any decision to place the department of explosives under administrative control of the ministry of petroleum and natural resources. As per Rules of Business 1973, authority for explosives and safety measures under the Petroleum Act 1934, is vested with ministry of industries and is exercised through department of explosives, which is implementing agency since 1884. As per Sections 5 and 6 of Explosives Act, 1884; Section 4 and 5 of Petroleum Act, 1934 and rules i.e. Petroleum Rules, 1937, Explosives Rules, 2010 and Mineral and Industrial Gases Safety Rules, 2010, framed there under the department of explosives, is exclusively empowered to grant approval of design, specification, standards, import and manufacturing and manners of installation of all sorts of compressed/liquefied gas containers (cylinders and vessels), petroleum storage tanks, compressors, dispensers, piping, fittings, allied equipments, and all kinds of safety devices. Department of explosives is mandated under the law to ensure implementation of safety rules in not only petroleum/CNG sectors, but also across the board in industrial and mining sectors, etc; wherever any industrial gases, hazardous substances and explosives are used.


  1. Respected sir,
    Few govt deptts are creating hurdles for explosives deptt despite all these rules and acts which empowers deptt of explosives to execute all these jobs relating to human safety,explosives deptt has more than eight labs established by their nominated third party inpection companies but no execution there so you should report on the said issue.


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