John Allen asked to ‘take corrective actions’ to improve ties with Pakistan


The head of US Central Command, General James Mattis on Monday directed NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) commander General John Allen to take a number of corrective actions to improve the now-moribund relationship with Pakistan, including fostering “improved, mutual trust” between forces working in the Tribal Areas. Urging greater trust and communications with the Pakistani military amid the diplomatic crisis after US airstrikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers last month, Mattis said troops should also “clarify authorities, responsibilities, and standard operating procedures” in the area as well as conduct formal exercises and drills to improve coordination and reduce chances of conflict. Mattis also called for “full disclosure of all border area facilities and installations” on both sides of the border, with updates using a shared database and map as well as organising coordination visits. Mattis made his recommendations after his command, which oversees US military operations across a wide swath of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, released the results of its own investigation into the November 25-26 incident. A joint US-NATO investigation unveiled last week portrayed a disastrous spate of errors and botched communication in which both sides failed to inform the other about their operational plaans or the location of troops. “The strongest take-away from this incident is the fundamental fact that we must improve border coordination and this requires a foundational level of trust on both sides of the border,” Mattis said in a statement. Islamabad rejected the earlier US inquiry after the Americans insisted their troops responded only after coming under heavy machine-gun and mortar fire.


  1. Ameican and Nato are wrong and this attack was deliberate and uncalled for pakisan should not compromise with us and nato, should not open the supply line untill they aploygize openly. pakistan should sent their radars and air forces to protect his forces and use force if they violate pakistan boader.

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