Illegal parking irks customers


The illegal parking at the Sarafa Bazaar of Rawalpindi is causing problems for the customers and traffic and is in turn badly affecting the business there, the traders and visitors said on Monday.
“No proper parking arrangement is available in the area. We come here for shopping but illegal parking blocks all the ways leading to the market. People park their cars everywhere and we, the pedestrians, find it hard to enter the market,” a visitor said.
“We cannot move from one shop to another due to traffic jams because of illegal parking,” said a working lady.
“Traffic wardens are not deployed in this area therefore illegal parking is on the rise”, said Noor Muhammad, a small trader.
Due to the traffic problems the business is down, as the wrong parking does not allow people to come to the bazaar. If this state of affairs is allowed to continue then the traders will have to shut their businesses, said president of the local traders’ union.