Balochistan may face East Pakistan-like situation: Saifullah


Pakistan Muslim League-Like Minded (PML-LM) leader and Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Senator Salim Saifullah Khan said on Tuesday that Balochistan may also face East Pakistan-like situation due to wrong policies of the rulers.
He said while talking to party’s Balochistan Provincial President Noor Khan Tareen who met him here on Tuesday.
Balochistan is the biggest province in terms of size and resources, but despite of that it is less developed as compared to other units of the country. He said the people of Balochistan are still striving for basic rights, he added.
Noor Khan Tarin informed Salim Saifullah about the critical situation of Balochistan and warned that neglecting Balochistan would bring grave consequences for the country.
He said that 75 percent of Balochistan was dependent on agriculture but the rulers had neglected the sector to the level that agriculture land of Balochistan was converting to desert.
He said that there was no developmental plans implemented in Balochistan and target killings, unemployment, hostages, bribing and terrorism had become the usual activities.
Salim Saifullah expressed grave concerns over Balochistan crisis and warned that wasting time to resolve Balochistan crisis would be disastrous for the whole country.
He urged the government to implement Balochistan package and eliminate factor of political influences in different packages.
On the occasion, Asif Memon joined PML-Like Minded and Salim Saifullah Khan appointed him as PML-Like Minded central joint secretary.
The party’s Deputy Secretary Minded Ajab Gul Surani, FATA Central joint Secretary Malik Rafique and other senior members of the party were also present on the occasion.


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