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Imran’s speech more emotional than Queen’s: Jemima

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Jemima Goldsmith, hailed PTI’s massive rally in Karachi on Sunday and termed Imran’s speech more effective and emotional than that of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.
“Who needs the Queen’s speech? That was emotional. My boys are proud. And my uncle now thinks he speaks Urdu,” she wrote on Twitter soon after the rally ended. “Struggling to translate Imran’s speech into English for my family,” she tweeted later. About attendance in the rally she said: “Hearing reports of half a million people at the PTI jalsa today in Karachi… Others say 200K but number rising…”


  1. M. Aslam Chaudhry said:

    M. Aslam Chaudhry • less than 1 minute ago 25th December 2011
    congratulation to imran khan for this unprecedented gathering at Miza-e-Quaid, a good omen for being his dreams translated into reality. Critics criticize that Imran Khan has gathered around all those veteran politicians who had been responsible for status quo position in the country, then how Imran Khan can bring "CHANGE' along with these companions. But the fact remain that it is the sincere and competent leadership that do miracles with the same team.

  2. Sally said:

    Hi Jemima, we are Pakistanis living in Montreal & Toronto and today our heart and minds are with Imran & Pakistan. Especially we are very proud of you supporting Imran Khan in this important cause – to put Pakistan on the right track!!
    Also very happy to know you can understand Urdu and that your sons follow their father great efforts! They are right to be proud of him.

  3. Mohammed said:

    It speaks volumes about Imran when the women he has divorced is desperate for him to do well. He is not perfect but he is a thousand times better than the rest. Imran you are our lion!

  4. A Raza said:

    Hi Sister Jemima, I live in England, I deeply and sincerely wish that You and Imran are together again one day. Watch his TV interview JIRGA where he looked desperate and admitted how he missed his children not living with him. Jemima you have studied modern Islam – realise the life of a husban and wife. Millions of Pakistanis are very sad seeing both of you seperate. Rethink for the sake of your children and and and.

    • Moosani said:

      PS: Prerequisite of reunion would bring into play HALALA.
      Beware of the frenzied media circus if your emotional request is granted!

      • A Quirk said:

        Hasn't she already done modern HILALA with Hugh Grant the British actor.

  5. ifti said:

    Sister Jamima! Khan is the best person in pakistan,he might have many faults but he's a sincere,kind hearted person.He can be duped easily,so we Pakistani young request you to rejoin him.We love Khan and our Bhabi.Plz for kids and for our nation reconsider your decision,one day Pakistan will be like U.K Inshallah under the leadership of Khan and Jamima.

  6. Sally said:

    Hi Jemima,
    You know EVERY Pakistani I have spoken to in Nyc, Montreal & Toronto has a lot of admiration & affection for you for your dedication towards Imran & your love for Pakistan. Imran is very dear of all of us Pakistanis and so are you & your lovely children!! Your support to Imran is very important as you the only one who can be a Bridge over troubled waters" for him when the going gets tough. It is obvious to see he loves you & his children with all his heart!!
    Jemima, as a strong professional woman myself, I have a lot of admiration for you. Please continue to support Imran, pls be his voice overseas, keep him in the news, help him in this great cause to rebuild an honest Pakistan!!
    As they say "Behind every great man, there is a great woman"!!!!
    thank you Jemima!!! 🙂

  7. Sally said:

    Hi Jemima,
    Just want to add:
    For the first time in a long time we see HOPE for Pakistan in the form of Imran Khan and we all want to further his cause… we want to know:
    2) HOW CAN WE JOIN PTI IN TORONTO? please help us as all of us are eager to contirbute towards this great cause!
    3) WHEN WILL IMRAN BRING TSUNAMI TO TORONTO ?? to further mobilise masses who will vote for him from oversseas…

    Jemima…..EVERY VOTE COUNTS…… pls help advise on above points….

    cheers 🙂

  8. Hassan said:

    We Pakistanis love our 'Bhabi (sister-in-law)' Jemima Khan. Although you have separated from Imran Khan, we still have the respect of a Bhabi in our hearts for you.

    PTI's Sunami will get BETTER, BIGGER, and BRUTAL. Fasten your seat belts everyone!!

  9. Jamal said:


    COMPLETE SEPARATION OF MOSQUE & POLITICS. That is the way of salvation of Pakistan. Constitution need to be changed to make Pakistan a true Secular Democracy with freedom of religion for everyone. That was the vision of Jinnah. All developed countries have separation of church and the state.

    • Mahfooz said:

      Jamal appreciate your comments, you look like a true Pakistani. Congrats.

    • Muhammad Tayyab said:

      Listen! all developed countries are not attached and guided by Church and also they don't use such slogans but just for a moment think and then realize "what they are doing?" aren't they killing only Muslims? That's what their church ask them do to and and they are doing. So what it means?

    • Shuja Bashir said:

      Is it the religion or those who interpret & practice it as they please,

      It is definitely not the religion

  10. Mukhtar said:

    Mukhtar in Chicago,

    Nation building is tough and back breaking process but at the inception of Pakistan its leadership failed to plan the foundation of a new country. It certainly was not a business as usual to run the day to day activities of life.The problems of refugee settlement and scarcity of trained men and material severely stymied the proper use of any cogent planning. The sudden carving of India into Pakistan shattered the whole fabric of Muslim population of East Punjab and the non-muslims of West Punjab . Everyone was caught in the whirlpool of tsunami of independence. Those were turbulent years that needed some time to become normal. The real story starts from the assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan. There is no need to go into this now.

    All of us know the history of Mir Jafars and Sadiqs of Pakistan. In addition to Jafars and Sadiqs, we had Neros in Pakistan. The leaders started looting the resources of Pakistan and those who opposed the formation of Pakistan became custodians of the country. The oligarchic and bureaucratic setup captured the reins of the country and no one listened to a poor man against his rich opponent. Justice died suddenly. There are a galaxy of laws for every infringement but delivery of implementation is another matter.

    Bhutto raised bogey of the rights of people (roti, kapra and makan) but failed to tell them about their responsibility. There is nothing free in this world. Bhutto did not give them anything but messed up the economy, education and social fabric of the nation. I saw a cartoon in a n English paper about Bhutto kicking statue of Yahya Khan – " take away your tyranny- I will bring my own". And he did bring his own tyranny and ultimately his own death. Countries are never developed on hot air and rhetoric of leaders blow. Imran is sincere and honest and very open. All hopes are being built on his success. Forget the past and let us move forward:

    Aftab-e- taza paida batan-e-geeti sey paida hua,
    Aasman! doobey huay taron ka matam kab tilk!

    Besides good wishes and prayers forr young Imran Khan, I will give him a message of Iqbal in one verse that he will keep before him to subscribe to the wishes and rising expectations of his young supporters.

    Qais paida huon teeri mehfil main ye mumkin nahin,
    Tung hai sehra teera, mehmal hai bey laila teera.

    You have to have laila in your mehmal otherwise you are entering into hot water. Remember! Not only leaders but Pakistani people have also lost their ethics and basic morals ( tongue in cheek).

    Best wishes for all. Thank you


  11. Rehana Batool said:

    Imran's sons must be feeling proud of their father just like the way we all feel about him … just wish this beautiful lady were still his wife and standing side by side with the great Khan 🙂

  12. Resham Shahid said:

    Jemima And Imran…it may seem that it was a sorted and tragic love story but in reality it was a story of two people who fell in love and got married but the tragidies of life broke them down and caused the end of a wonderful relationship!! and then why always bad things happen to good people!!

  13. Zaheer Rana said:

    It is indeed heart-warming that Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of Imran Khan is fully supporting Imran Khan in his quest for a fair & honest system of Government in Pakistan. Jemima's social conscience is well-established as she has taken-up causes against the grain of "common wisdom" & persevered in her approach to do the right thing by writing, goading & even protesting on the streets for just solutions. All democratic & peace-loving people would profusely thank Jemima for her forthrightness & hope that she will continue her support for a democratic & modern Pakistan.

  14. Kamran said:

    congratulation,Imran khan i didn"t hope that you can bring so many people in your Karachi procession. because we all know that Karachi is the constituancy of MQM, and most of the people are forced to cast their votes because of their fear because they can,t afford to fight against them. continue to tour all around the country and make more and more people in your party, i think you shouldn,t ask for election before the scheduled time because this PPP government will do badly as they get enough time to rule, similarly PML N will not be able to do good governance. God bless you and i pray for you and your party. May God give you victory against all the liers. regards.

  15. Sophia said:

    Jemima you did not want your husband and took your two sons, divorced him and went to live in London and started dating other men. Now why the sudden interest after you did not want him? Sounds like……… ( my mouth is sealed)

    • Sally said:

      pls dont pass judgement on people who are trying to help ….. whatever her reasons, It is enough Jemima is out there helping the cause….. be happy for this and pls support her in her efforts….. :merci 🙂

  16. Imtiaz Alam said:

    Don't tag along with him you will do him more harm than good. You can't look back. That is why in the eyes of Allah Divorce is such a deplorable act. Unification is all the more difficult & cannot be planned. And Allah knows best what is in your Hearts.

  17. ahmed said:

    He was a tiger not now only the ISI is backing him and the jew,s are

  18. seeme said:

    for the sake of kids and kids need fatherJemima has to remarry imran Jemima has a big heart and she has to help poor pakistani in pakistan and this is the life

  19. Dr.M.R.Khoso said:

    May Allah give this honest man chance to make changes in pakistan

  20. Anwer Kamal said:

    یہ لوٹے جو آج عمران کو اچھا کہہ رہے تھے اسی سال میں یہ سارے زرداری ، شریف برادران اور چوھدری برادران کی تعریفیں کرتے تھے یا یہ اب جھوٹے ہیں یا یہ پہلے جھوٹے تھے -جھوٹوں کی کسی بات کا یقین نہیں کیا جانا چاہئیے

  21. Qurban Hussain said:

    PPP and PML-N are so scared after PTI jalsa in Karachi that they are totally confused .
    PML-N leaders such retarded captain Safdar makeing false accusation about honest
    politcian, who as served PML-N well when Nawas was hiding in Suadi Arabia. Shame on you Safdar. Javed Hashmi you have done right by joining PTI and working for new Pakistan.

  22. Zaib said:

    i wish that Imran and Jemima should be back together. May Allah give victory to Imran Khan and PTI. (Ameen)

  23. Nusrat Ali Aseer said:

    It is a fact that all the pakistanies are devoted for an honest leadership . they rush to a man who call for a poius cause and people become dedicated to such person .Now Imran Khan has call for a new Pakistan .We pray for him and request him to remain an honest leader as he claim .
    Nusrat Ali Aseer

  24. asif ali said:

    Just wanna add one thing: We Paks agree more on disagreement than any other "sheeple" in this world. IK should have been troting alone instead of "recruiting" political thugs, bootleggers, rednecks, ill-famed turn-arounds and womanizers.

  25. asif ali said:

    @ Seeme: The western ladies have different norms than the Pakitani ones…. I have lived in US and after every 3 months they fell in love with a different boy-toy.

  26. Saim said:

    Imran is great so too is Jemima.Jemima we in Pakistan respect u a lot.

  27. Izzy said:

    The legs of Asif zardari & Nawaz Sharif are trambling after the rise of Imran Khan. Specially after the show of force by a half million strong amazingly charged crowd in Karachi. I have never seen such a charged political crowd in my life time. Change is inevitable whether Zardari and Nawaz like it or not.

  28. Naeem said:

    Dear Imran Khan,
    The people of Pakistan are looking at you to lead Pakistan out of this mess. Please do not make the same mistake as Bhutto and Zia did by bowing to the Mullahs. Bhutto made non Muslims out of Muslims and Zia did the same. One was hanged and the other blown out of the sky. Both were acts of God and beyond the means of a common man. Learn from their mistakes and follow the footseps of the Quiad. The affairs of the State and religom must be kept separatefrom each other. Otherwise ,justice will not prevail and all citizens will never be treated equally and chaos will continue to prevail. Our enemy were never the WEST but the Mullahs of Pakistan who have destroyed thhe country. God will give you an opportunity only once. You can be brave and have the guts to make the much needed transformation that Pakistan needs or be a coward like Pervaiz Mushaarf and eventualy give way to the Maulvis.Its is your destiny and you can make history or be another Bhutto pr Zia.

  29. Pervaiz said:

    Well we need salvation and no matter who comes but this is a prayer that whoever come,come with the spirit of dedication and determination as Pakistan needs a unique leadership a leadership that unluckily did not come in this continent.Please pray for the prosperity & solidarity of Pakistan a land of brave people.

  30. Gul Gharwal said:

    One does not need to know the ABC of politics here in our part of the world. Play with the emotions of the ignored stuff.

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