Vegetable prices continue to shoot up


The prices of vegetables increased at Sunday bazaars of the city, which resulted in a reduced number of customers.
The prices of tomatoes continued to increase for second consecutive second week and it touched Rs 70 per kg, whereas, last week it was sold for Rs 60 per kg. The shopkeepers said the supply of tomatoes had decreased due to reduction in the crop, adding that the prices could further increase in the coming days unless fresh stocks arrived from India. Similarly, the prices of onion, ginger and garlic increased while there was no change in the prices of potatoes, lemon, cucumber, green chillies and spinach. There was a sharp increase in the chicken prices and it was sold at Rs 180 per kg while last week it was available for Rs 140 per kg; thus, there was Rs 40 per kg hike over the period of one week.
The prices of ginger increased Rs 10 per kg and it was available for Rs 70 per kg. The price of onion increased Re 1 per kg and it was available for Rs 35 per kg. The price of garlic also increased Rs 5 per kg and it was sold for Rs 75 per kg.
In fruits, the prices of guava, apples and banana remained stable. The apples and guava were sold at Rs 130 and Rs 50 per kg respectively, while the bananas were available for Rs 45 per dozen.
Meanwhile, the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) fined different shopkeepers in Johar Town, Gulshan Ravi, Shera Kot, Moon Market Iqbal Town and Wahdat Colony for overcharging and collected Rs 9,500 in fine. However, a large number of consumers complained about over-charging, saying CDGL don’t take action seriously.
“There should be heavy fines instead of petty penalties,” said a consumer Hussain Haider at Green Town Sunday Bazaar.