Resignation or long march, the choice is yours: CM


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had said that in the ongoing circumstance, there was no justification for the prime minister and the president to continue their rule. Addressing a ceremony here on Sunday, Mian Shahbaz Sharif tried to ramp pressure on already struggling government and warned the PM and the president to quit or else face the long march. Shahbaz said that the claims of ‘revolution’ by some politicians were ‘fake’ and a ‘drama’, vowing that such elements would be exposed soon.
‘MUSHARRAF’S CRONIES’: Scoffing the Pakistan Tehreeq-e-Insaaf’s rally at Karachi, Sharif said politicians nestling in Imran Khan’s lap were once the cronies of Pervez Musharraf who the destroyed constitution, nailed democracy and allowed killing of innocent people in drone attacks. “How can these people bring change when all they brought for people was misfortune,” the CM said.
Addressing a gathering in Lahore after inaugurating the Ring Road project on Sunday, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader said the people must remember that it was Nawaz Sharif who resisted international pressure and ignored resisted five phone calls of US President Clinton and an offer of $50 million aid. “Nawaz told Clinton that he is an honourable Pakistani and would not barter nation’s honour for anything,” Shahbaz added. He urged the people to be mindful of such politicians and vote for the true public leaders Later, he inaugurated a state-of –the-art slaughterhouse completed at a cost of Rs 1 billion in collaboration with Punjab and Iran at Shahpur Kanjran. The slaughter house was completed in a record period of 10 months. At inaugural ceremony of Lahore Meat Processing Complex, Shahbaz said this project was an important step and would improve the economy and the exports of the country.
Sharif said the nation would have to pledge to work honestly on the Eve of Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday. He also announced one month’s salary as bonus to the staff of slaughterhouse on completion of the project in record time. Addressing the function, Project Manager Hassan Bina Razavi said that the project of modern slaughter house reflects the ties, friendship and mutual cooperation of Iran and Pakistan that were spread over centuries. Livestock Secretary Hamid Yaqoob Sheikh and PAMCO Chief Executive Officer Dr Hamid Jalil also addressed the function.
CM LAUNCHES BRT: The CM also laid the foundation stone of first Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) in country’s history at Ferozepur Road. In the first phase, 27 kilometre long track will be laid from Gajjumata to Shahadara and this project will be completed in collaboration with Turk companies. Talking to media on this occasion, the CM said transport system is being organised on modern lines in Lahore and other big cities of the province on the pattern of developed countries. He said that an agreement has been made with Turkish Firm for reserving a lane for bus in Lahore in the first phase. He disclosed that 15 km long portion under Bus Rapid Transit System will be completed in the February/March next year.