PML-N blames establishment for Hashmi’s resignation


Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Saturday blamed ‘establishment’s stooges’ for PML-N leader Javed Hashm’s resignation.
Sanaullah accused former senator Tariq Chaudhry of acting on behalf of the establishment who had been staying at Hashmi residence in Multan for few days and convinced him to quit the PML-N.
He said Hashmi was unhappy after the party leadership did not make him parliamentary leader in the National Assembly. “Hashmi’s decision is madness,” the provincial minister said.
Rana Sanaullah said Hashmi would not be able to garner affection like that found in the PML-N.
He said that Hashmi left the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz due to personal differences.
He said that the PML-N would continue its journey. The law minister paid homage to Hashmi for his struggle.
Another PML-Leader Senator Pervez Rashid said that he was saddened over Hashmi’s decision and it broke hearts.
The trivialities are to be put up with in the large parties; otherwise, these parties cannot go along, he asserted adding his (Hashmi’s) decision is ‘insanity’.
Jawed Hashmi is a great leader; but, he is a bit emotional, he added.


  1. Rana Sahib does not get it….it’s becuase of these people that Sharif brothers can’t think straight.

    I was happy to see some sensible response from PLMN after JH’s announcement, but then Rana could not resist his urge to…..

  2. tumhari in hi harkaton ki wajah se mulk barbad hai aur hashmi sahab sad. HE served pakistan and pmln alot. And in return nawaz continued his family politics and curription. lanat hai is rana sanullah par jo establishment establishment kerta hai. inko koi batoe PMLN kahan se nikili hai.

  3. Establishment Pakistan k sarae achae aur Ahl e Shaor logon ko PTI k liae Hijack ker lae gi jinab…….peechae chan boora he reh jaye ga Rana Sb….

  4. My English and Norweians friends have asked me "what is Establishment" inPakistan.Can any one help me to explain to them in simple language.?

    • mr khan i guess there is a letter 'g' also in Norweigan 🙂 Beside commenting its better you keep on doing 'Renere's job in Oslo

  5. When we refer to the word establishment, it is referred as a mix of military, judicial and bureaucratic branches of the country's hierarchy. However, now media has also joined in in the decision-making process of the country. However, politicians refer the term of establishment when they want to refer to military bureaucracy.

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