A day of peace and love


Christmas, the biggest religious festival of the Christian community, is being celebrated in the federal capital as well as all over the world today with due religious fervour.
The day rekindles the memories of Jesus Christ, who through his message of love and compassion, changed the world in a very perceptible manner, and established sanctimonious values that still form the basis of civilised existence.
Very few great men, before or after him, exerted such great influence on the course of history as did the architect of Christianity. In fact, the teachings of Christ had far reaching impacts which are acknowledged by all — regardless of religion and community.
The day is celebrated in a joyous mood and it has assumed an almost universal character, being no longer confined to the Christians only. The growth and spread of Christianity across the world has elevated Christmas to a truly world festival.
There is merry-making and celebration of almost every conceivable kind. But the devotees have to bear in mind that the day marks the birth of the man whose mission, during his short but eventful life, was to promote peace, goodwill and compassion. Christ’s love for mankind is a source of great inspiration to not only his followers but to humanity in general. His message of peace is particularly relevant in the present day world embroiled in violence and bloodletting in many places. It is indeed time to pray for peace and stability to carry forward the mission initiated by the great man.
The essential features of Christmas celebrations include exchange of gifts and cards, decorated Christmas trees and the arrival of the good old Santa Claus on the eve. However, local and regional traditions have enriched the day in various ways as Christianity has emerged as the major world religion.
The day will be observed in Pakistan with the members of the Christian community enjoying every bit of it in their own colourful ways.
Pakistan Today wishes them a very happy Christmas to Christian Community. Let the day bring joy and happiness to people all over the Pakistan!