Woman recovered from policeman’s detention


A woman was recovered from the illegal detention of a policeman of the Misri Shah Police Station through a bailiff on Thursday. Tayyaba, a resident of Bhagat Pura, was recovered by a bailiff. She claimed that Misri Shah Police Operations Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Farooq had illegally detained her in the police station for the last four days. She alleged that Farooq had harassed her, but the accused policeman refused to identify her. The ASI claimed that he had returned to his seat after offering prayers when he saw the woman sitting there and the bailiff arrived a few minutes later. He claimed that the bailiff also suspected the authenticity of Tayyaba’s complaint. The policeman on guard duty at the police station supported the ASI, saying that the woman had come five minutes before the bailiff had come and asked for ASI Farooq.
POVERTY DRIVES MAN TO SUICIDE: An elderly man committed suicide due to poverty in Shadbagh Police precincts on Thursday. The deceased was identified as 50-year-old Naeem, resident of Tagpura. The deceased was upset over his monetary issues. On the day of incident, he swallowed poisonous pills following a fight with his wife, upon which he fell unconscious. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.
ROBBERY: Robbers looted cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 4,000,000 from the house of Hussain in Misri Shah Police jurisdiction.