Veena akin to Saddam, Gaddafi, Bin Laden: Rakhi


Rakhi Sawant hit out at Pakistani actress Veena Malik, slamming her ‘disappearance’ and comparing her to fallen dictators Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi. Malik was thoroughly criticised in her home country recently, and reportedly even received death threats, after she appeared on the cover of the Indian FHM magazine ostensibly nude, with an ISI tattoo on her arm.
Fears grew for her safety after she was reported missing by her manager on Saturday, but she was later found resting in a hotel. Following the drama, Rakhi Sawant ranted against her, apart from comparing her to various dictators.
“Saddam Hussein was found hiding in a little bunker in Iraq by American troops,” the Mirror quoted Sawant as saying. “Osama Bin Laden was found hiding in a house compound in Pakistan by American forces. Muammar Gaddafi was captured by rebel militia while hiding in a drain underneath a road in Libya. And Pakistani starlet Veena Malik was found by the Indian media hiding in a suburban hotel in Mumbai.”


  1. What a sad and twisted view of the world Sawant has. How in any just society can a woman who posed artistically be compared to mass murderers? It is the type of hyperbole nonsense that sends fundamentalists into a murderous frenzy.
    Enough already, no harm has ever been caused by the exposed flesh of a beautiful woman; the world will not end because of a glimpse of thigh. It will end if religious madmen obtain the power to make decisions of war in the name of some nonexistent god to preserve their view of how a proper Muslim woman should behave.

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