Kayani denies coup plot


Pakistan’s army chief on Friday categorically denied that the military was plotting to seize power, confronting head on frenzied speculation that the government’s days are numbered.
The army issued the statement from General Ashfaq Kayani after Pakistan’s top judge also ruled out the possibility of a coup as he examined calls from the army and the opposition to probe a scandal threatening the government.
“He strongly dispelled the speculations of any military takeover and said that these are misleading and are being used as a bogey to divert the focus from the real issues,” it quoted Kayani as saying.
The general made the remarks while addressing troops in the tribal belt near the Afghan border on Thursday. When asked by AFP why it took 24 hours to release his remarks, military officials refused to elaborate.
“The Pakistan Army has and will continue to support the democratic process in the country. The army is fully cognizant of its constitutional obligations and responsibilities,” Kayani was quoted as saying.
The general added that “irrespective of all other considerations, there can be no compromise on national security,” without elaborating on his meaning.
Although few believe the military has the appetite for a coup, speculation has refused to die that President Asif Ali Zardari could be forced out over scandal and illness, which saw him undergo treatment in Dubai this month.
On Thursday, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani delivered an unprecedented tirade against the military and accused “conspirators” — whom he did not name — of plotting to bring down his government.
Tensions have been rising between the armed forces, which has carried out three coups in Pakistan and is considered the chief arbiter of power in the country of 174 million, and Zardari’s weakened government.


  1. I remember Gen Zia saying the same.He even attended the reception at the American Embassy to give the feeling of affairs as usual while Gen Chisti was allready on the move. Even the ever smart Bhutto felt comfortable with Zia,s presence!
    This time it is different or is it?

    • Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto knew about General Zia ul Haq's intentions, his timing to remove him got entangled as he(Bhutto) was betrayed by Ghulam Ishaq Khan DG Minstry of Defense who informed Gen Zia of his dismissal. ZAB was in the PM House in RawalPindi throughout the evening of July 4 and was taken in custody in early hours of July 5 1977.

  2. @grow up Don Kabir and Atta , military takeovers are not the answer .They take the country back .
    The legal and constitutional way is always the right way , so let the law run its course and wait to see if the government really is guilty of the charges placed in it , if not it deserves to stay , beshak if its corrupt , afterall YOU elected it . Aglay election mein dont for PPP .

  3. Please high your voice against Sunday holiday, I prefer it should FRIDAY holiday in Islamic Country, so that we can offer Jumah Prayer with religious zeal.

  4. @adnan AYub, shukar hai kisi ney tou yeh baat ki, belive me bhai maney har channel ko mail ki hai aik indain stuff bannd karney ki,doosri jumay ki chutti kay liye but invain.kameengi tou nawaz sharif ney ki aur allah ney uss ki hakhumut hi kahtum kar di …plz bhai sab ko motivate karein jumay ki chutti kay liye. take care

  5. ok.so whose ''ghost'' talked to Reuters yesterday and gave army perspective on the current situation and was quoted saying'' army z fed up of zardari and wants to get rid of him''.

  6. Kayani has used words "He strongly dispelled the speculations of any military takeover and said that these are misleading and are being used as a bogey to divert the focus from the real issues," in his statement. This expression is extremely unacceptable. He must remain within his limits and remember his position when he is referring to a statement of the Prime Minister. Now, if the Prime Minister sacks him, he will be doing the right thing. Kayani has failed to defend territorial sovereignty both on May 2 & November 26. We do not need such incompetent Army Chiefs. Also, he must explain who gave visa to OBL. Whether OBL was living in the vicinity of Kakul Academy with or without his knowledge, it is height of incompetence. He should not try to cover up his incompetence by accusing deficiences of the government. The government's performance will be judged by the people of Pakistan when elections are held.

  7. The Sham Democracy

    It was expected after the lapse of dictatorial rule of Musharaf that, the incumbent democratic government will move for the welfare of masses, without whose support it was not possible for the Zaradari – Gillani nexus to cling on the power reigns. However, four years gone, the country is placed in the worst of the turmoils ever witnessed before. The railway ruined, Wapada gone,… PIA in shambles, Steel Mill in accute deficit, Natural gas exhausted, Pak Rupee devalued vis-a-vis US $. The rampant corruption and worse ever demonstrated bad governence the country has been brought towards disastourous slump and destruction. However, Zardari – Gillani is finding an escape goat to throw the entire garbage and slip through a thin alley. See Judiciary is vibrant, Media totally independent and vocal. Yes Pakistan Army is the most suitable institution to be dragged into this saga, lets make the water muddy, try exploit talent of hawks like Hamid Mir( CIA Agent) and others and become a so called " SIYAASI SHAHEED".

    No my dear lords the people are not so naive, you will complete the term of five dark years and never to come back again. INSHALLAH

  8. The nation has to decide whether we wish to continue living in this morbid situation as the neocons want us live. If General Kayani wanted to take over he could have done it long time back. Only those who wish to continue robbing the nation and serving vested Interests from outside will keep harping of '' Help help the Wolf is coming."

  9. yes army should mind their own business .It is a fact that army never liked ppp ,hanged BHUTTO , then IJI ,now not tolerating Zardari,

  10. This is the most corrupt & incompetent government in the history of pakistan.However, luckly they got the army which is most democratic & friendly.

  11. Kiani & Pasha should resign & join PTI. They r issuing political statements & its their right place.

  12. Impressive coup-success resume of Pakistan Army.

    1.1951 Coup: Liaquat Ali Khan
    Liaquat Ali Khan was killed in a failed military coup staged by then Generals.

    2.1971: Breaking of Pakistan into two pieces by Army
    Pakistan Army was ruling the country for 13 years. How anyone else can be blamed? Mujeeb who spoke about provincial autonomy only up to March 1971, declared complete separation after Pakistan Army officially used rape of Bengali women as an instrument of war. Visit Dhaka Libration Museum if you have doubts.

    3.1965-Start of War by Army:
    Ayub Khan is responsible for starting the 1965 war and death of over 20 thousand innocent soldiers. We cannot celebrate 6th Sept as Defense Day. It should be remembered as an Offense Day.

    4.1978-General Zia killing elected PM Butto
    Bhutto was killed by a sham court trial controlled by General Zia.

    5.How we don’t know about this black face of Pakistan Army in 64 years?
    Because Media is controlled 100% by Army’s ISPR department So we can read about the girlfriend of an elected President. But people will never read/hear about the girlfriend of a Core Commander or Chief of Army Staff. We often read/hear that a Politician, Police officer, Customs officer is corrupt. Have we ever read/heard that an Army Officer is corrupt? It shows how media is controlled by Army. It is the real boss in Pakistan.

  13. Army is the cause of failure of Pakistan, which is ruling the country since 1947. It never let democracy prosper in Pakistan. Go Army Go.

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