UN appeals for $28 million Philippine flood aid


The UN Thursday appealed for more than $28 million in aid to help victims of devastating floods that killed more than a thousand people in the Philippines, many of them swept to sea in their sleep.
The United Nations country coordinator Soe Nyunt-U appealed foreign governments and aid agencies for financial support to provide clean water, food and emergency shelter to about half a million people affected by the disaster.
The UN “calls for US$28.6 million to support the… Philippines to respond to the serious humanitarian needs caused by the devastating storm”, Soe said in a statement.
“It was as if the cities were hit by an inland tsunami,” he said, recounting the horror and devastation of the flash floods unleashed by tropical storm Washi on the southern ports of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro.
“Entire areas were completely flattened; only a few sturdy buildings remain standing, and these sustained a lot of damage,” he said.
Soe, who recently visited the disaster area, added that clearing debris was also a priority to reduce health risks to about 471,000 of the worst-affected people.
Soe said the disaster left 1,060 people dead or missing and damaged or destroyed more than 28,000 homes.