President returning to Islamabad for memo reply


President has set off from Karachi for Islamabad, and is expected to file his reply in memo case being heard by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, a private TV channel reported.
The Chief of Army Staff today (Wednesday) filed an affidavit which is a rejoinder to earlier reply submitted to the SC.
The SC had said in the last hearing that non-submission of a reply in a civil case amounts to admission of guilt.
The president had been in Karachi since his return from Dubai where he had gone weeks ago for medical check-up, sparking rumours that he was running away from the memo case and that he might not return. However, the president returned as soon as doctors declared him fit for travel.
On the other hand, PPP core committee held a meeting at PM house in Islamabad.
The committee discussed the memo case and the president’s possible reply required by the SC in the memo case.
According to sources, the meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. The memo issue was discussed in detail. Apart from this, current political situation also figured up.
Sources said that PM Gilani informed the committee members about the new political strategy formed after having a meeting with President Zardari in Karachi.
The committee was also to discuss rapidly increasing popularity of PTI chairman Imran Khan, sources added.


  1. That is very good but Mr President and can your henchmen stop chanting the mantra learnt under your supervision. It is very annoying to decent people. You must also stop testing the patience of gentlemen. It can not go on for ever. Thank you
    England 21st December 2011 @2150Hours.

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