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Man burns copy of holy Quran in Gujranwala

A man mimicked a crime committed by his father some years ago by burning a copy of the holy Quran in Qachi Fatomund area of Gujranwala district late on Sunday. Boota, son of Muhammad Aziz, broke the lock of Darbar Pir Abdur Rehman located adjacent to a mosque last night and burnt a copy of the holy Quran. According to the FIR, Boota broke into the mausoleum and locked the door from the inside to commit the crime.
When people came to the mosque early in the morning to say prayers, they found the door locked from inside. When they knocked at it, Boota opened the door and fled. Upon ascertaining what had happened, they got hold of Boota and handed him over to police. An angry mob also beat up the accused before police arrived. Civil Lines Police SHO Rana Afzal said Boota had been sent to jail due to security reasons. Locals said Boota’s father Muhammad Aziz had committed the same crime five years ago. They said the accused should be hanged in public, as he had been found involved in other crimes as well.

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