Kasuri joins PTI as Imran lambastes PML-N


Addressing a grand public meeting in Kasur where former foreign minister Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri joined his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Tuesday that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) came to power five times but failed to do anything for the people, and the people would not give it a sixth chance.
The public meeting was organised by Kasuri to show his strength in his constituency, and thousands of people from Kasur and surrounding areas attended the gathering.
The PTI chief said the government should see the tsunami of people in Kasur and announced that even a bigger tsunami awaited the government in Karachi. He said in the current circumstances, the government should make it clear whether it was interested in securing its rule or the country. He said that PTI would bring a revolution.
Imran only made a passing reference to President Asif Ali Zardari and instead chose to target the PML-N and its leadership, especially Nawaz Sharif, in his speech. Responding to Nawaz’s recent comments that it was “time to play 10-overs cricket with Imran Khan”, he said Nawaz was out of his mind to have given such a statement.
“Nawaz was a club cricketer but now he has challenged a Test cricketer. The irony is that this time there is no General Gilani to promote him to Test cricket,” Imran said.
The PTI chief said Nawaz’s party had ruled in one form or another for the last 25 years, but had not done anything concrete. He cited the state of the Education Department in the province, saying over 90 percent of schools taught students for only 15 minutes a day. He said the PTI would address the problems of the people upon coming to power.
He said each Pakistani had a Rs 70,000 share in the national debt and if they battled against corruption, dishonesty and tax evasion Pakistan would never need to take loans again.
Imran also said the PTI would protect the rights of women as the PTI was the party of women as well. He said Pakistan was a rich nation blessed with resources, and if its production of wheat was brought up it would make Rs 300 billion.
PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi said President Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani should realise that the time for them to leave had come and the people of Kasur had announced their decision in favour of the PTI.
PTI Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood told Pakistan Today it was a “minor incident” that took place at the rally and claimed that a grand session was held in Kasur in which 50,000 to 60,000 people participated.


  1. Adnan bhai …ye sabb magar mach hain in sy jeetny ky liye jassy bhi log aajain koi baat nahi bass strength honi chahye… Bass Allah PTI ky manshoor ko banaye rakhy or sabb Imran khan ki policies par chaly… tu koi baat nahi..PTI aagai tu agar ye log phir bhi kharabi kary gy tu ..nikaal diye jay gay… be patient and see

  2. @AAMIR..dear i am very disappointed from IK…he is getting mad for winning elections and old workers are leaving rapidly..no change is possible now..ALLAH save our country from such leaders..

  3. PTI is attracting many BOLD names to the movement like a magnet but the fact is that a magnet would attract every metal piece around itself, be it precious or scrap…A lack of reasoning behind all this induction process still seems to baffle the critics, for PTI, till date, has not been able to clarify what and how they are going to bring about for Pakistan in the future and most of there activities are surrounded by fallacies. A point to ponder is that do people in reality see a ray of hope in PTI or are they just praising a false glitter?

  4. Dear Aamir … Jub aap kay Imran Khan Saab Tickets issue kareen tou kafee loog naraz hoo jaeen gaay gees kee wajha say eik Gap peda hoo gaa ager yeeh kaam Elections kay kareen hoowa tou IK tou game start honay say pehlay hee fareg hoo jaey gaaa …. Fesla Time per hona chaheyeh … PTI kafee slow react ker rahey heey … Aag main nay suna heey 15 Saal bad kay 25 December to PTI kaa munchoor pech keya jaey gaaa …. kafee time luga heey een koo manshoor bananay main yeeh kaam party bunnay say pehlay keeya jata heey …

  5. Q league and PTI two sides of the same coin.Today their marriage got further cemented.Congrats IK for giving political platform to the political orphans of Ex-dictator Musharaf.IK,U r doing a great charity work.

  6. 2 months ago: Imran Khan is a one man party, how can he win, he needs support of the old guard

    Today: Imran Khan is inducting too many people, how can he bring change?

    Liberals are hilarious.

    • aww 'his case is pathetic'!

      you guys are so cute, i know you're having nightmares about imran's rising strength. if you think he'll take your bait and stop strengthening his party, then you should keep dreaming! vote for the ppp and pmln, they are anti establishment (and anti people too)!

  7. Welcome to the tsunami of change sir!!!

    In order to bring about change, IK needs to be in the government with the votes of the people, any person, organisation or political maestros who assist him along this destination should be welcomed with open arms. Once there, he can enact strict rules and regulations to control their excesses and ensure their adherence to the party manifesto.

  8. LOTA league has changed its name from Q to PTI. This change is the concept people mistakenly treat CHANGE.

  9. The fact is that PMLN has the largest number of Lotas headed by Atta Manika and largest number of fake degree holders.

    • Imran's recipe for change is through the same old tried and tested crooks. I really fail to understand how people expect change by this route.

  10. I beg to differ. If this is the way Imran is going to try to bring change, his claim is doomed even before elections are announced. He has ensured that his tall claims cannot be realised.

  11. If we look at the list of people rushing to join PTI, the allegation that Imran is being promoted by establishment to achieve its nefarious designs is more than substantiated. PTI is now patently a party of status quo.

  12. When characterless Zardari can become our president… Cheap Shreef brother want to form their government again.. Then why Qasoori cannot join PTI …IK with all his shortcomings is a better option for Pakistan as compared with Bilawal Bhutto, Gillani Sons and Shreef sons/daughters..

  13. Khawaja Shabahuddin a very vocal minister in Ayub Khan govt was know by two names 1) "chamchha" of Ayub Khan and 2) "Negative" (he had a dark face with snow white hair). One day the students of Govt. College found out that Khawaja sb was coming to Lahore by train (from Karachi). In full college uniform they lined themselves along the path the minister would use to exit the station. Then on Q, everyone took out two spoons (Tuck shop property) and started it clicking against each other and shouted "Chamaca- Chamcha". The people of Kasur have given a similar message to Imran Khan. Imran was old enough to recall the incident at the Railway station. Hope he understands what the people meant by taking away the chairs…… the novel protest indeed ( I salute the people of Punjab)

  14. Tehreek-insaan nahi tehreek-iqtedar
    imran sahib stop bull shitting and be realistic
    can he explain why all of a sudden he stopped prostesting against us and yes
    also against great altaf bhai . bunch of ideots

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