Foreign intervention


The infamous memo scandal is primarily planned to wage a war between the government and the army. It is basically aimed to determine who is powerful, the rulers or the army. It is not the memo but what it aims is worrying. It was planned well but execution has been very poor. It is said if you want to break the country, weaken your defence forces. It is not who has written it but why it is written that is important, irrespective of various controversies the fact is that it was written.

The contents of the memo reveal that it was an open invitation to the US with a proposal to install a US-friendly civilian security team to assert tighter control on the army. Strange, why fear from your own army?

A question arises why the supreme commander of the forces is quiet and not speaking? What is his role? Statements of army chief and DG ISI in the Supreme Court bear clear testimony that the memo issue cannot be taken lightly. Why hate army? Is it some foreign army? It is the army of the people of Pakistan, it is our national army. Why should we doubt the integrity of our army?

We must not compromise our national security irrespective of personalities involved against Pakistan army and ISI. The government must come clean. This is a very delicate issue of national importance involving security of Pakistan and cannot be ignored and therefore actors involved must be exposed to the nation.

People come and go, country stays; let us not shake the foundations of the country by inviting foreign intervention.